Beauty Blender Dupe for Under $2!

I always find really useful things at Forever 21. I went Saturday night and spotted some makeup sponges that look just like the very popular BeautyBlender. I never purchased the BeautyBlender, but I did purchase the Sonia Kashuk last year. I think the hype was way too big and it left me very disappointed in the end.. as people made it look like.. “Use this amazing sponge and your foundation will look completely airbrushed and blah, blah, blah.” The sponge didn’t change my life, but it is a good product for blending your foundation. For those of you that love these re-usable sponges.. I recommend checking out your nearest forever 21, as $1.80 is an awesome deal! There are two sizes. One comparable to others on the market.. and a smaller one for smaller areas of the face. Perfect for under your eyes..

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find these on the Forever 21 website. I’ll check back in a few days to see if they have added them yet.

17 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Dupe for Under $2!

  1. I may try these… I've seen the one at Target but never wanted to shell out the money for just a sponge when I could use my brushes. The F21 option seems a hellva lot better, price wise at least.


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