Review: Coastal Scents Camo Quad – Medium + Before/After Photos & Swatches!

Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Medium

Hey Guys! I have another Coastal Scents review for you guys. It’s for their Camo Quad Concealer in the shade Medium. They have four different Camo Quads in the shades Light, Medium, Dark and Color Corrector. You can view all shades here.

Before ordering this quad, I made sure to look up swatches and read some reviews. I also watched a review video by one of my favorite youtubers, Lisaz09. You can click her username and it will take you directly to her review video. Anyway, the majority of the reviews seemed very positive so I thought I would give it a try.

The shade Medium contains four (4) shades. They don’t have specific shade names or numbers. There is a White, Light Peach, Med. Beige and a Dark Pink Beige. Prior to receiving this quad in the mail I thought these colors were going to be more yellow toned because of all of the swatches I have seen. I would say they kind of look more like NW shades than NC shades. The Med. Beige shade looks a little bit like my NW25 concealer.. but less orangy. Which is absolutely fine because peachy & pinky shades seem to camouflage dark circles very well. Then, once my yellow toned foundation is applied over.. they should be completely covered. 

I would say that my camera captured the color very accurately in both the quad by itself and the swatches (it may depend on your computer, because not every computer will obviously capture color the same way).

Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Medium

Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Medium


Swatched on my hand from darkest to lightest. (no flash in either photo)

This was a small test I did on my wrist to see the amount of pigmentation in the concealer. I just used my finger and dabbed it on my wrist and my vein was almost completely camouflaged. The only way I could barely see it, is if I would move my wrist back and forth in the light. I would say it was covered a good 90-95%.

My Review: For me, I would say the coverage of this concealer is a full medium coverage. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a full coverage. Only because it is not 100% opaque. Depending on the color and severity of your dark circles, this may be full coverage for you. The consistency is a little dry – many have said it’s hard to blend and it is difficult to get the product out. It’s not exactly like MAC Studio Finish, nor is it exactly like NARS (dry textured, velvety texture).. It’s somewhat in between the two. Some have suggested plugging in a blow drier on low heat and blowing it directly on the quad for a few seconds. I wouldn’t exactly say its difficult to get a good amount of product on my finger, but because it is not a very soft creamy.. it may take a few swipes of your finger. I found that using your finger to rub the shade slowly around in a circle will warm it up and make it much easier to get more product. Also, it was much easier to pick up product using a concealer brush (I used my MAC 194 brush). The texture seemed much creamier when I used the brush. I think once you get past the top layer of freshness (or whatever you may call it) the texture will be better. I always moisturize under my eyes prior to application of creme concealers to make sure it won’t cake or look ashy. For lighter coverage, I will pat the shade I’d like to use and gently rub it under my eyes back and forth until it’s blended. For a more full coverage, I have used my concealer brush and dabbed it on the area and finished off blending it with my fingertip by gently patting the area & I have also used only my finger by rubbing the product to warm up on my finger so more product will adhere to my finger and again, pat it under my eyes until it is blended and repeat if necessary. I like to use the Med. Beige shade and then use the Light Peach a little bit over it. Sometimes, I like to mix both together. I have used the darkest shade to contour the hollows of my cheeks and it worked pretty well.. and I have used the white to highlight the highest point of my cheekbone (all prior to the application of my foundation of course).

Here’s a quick look at my under eyes with the concealer and without. I had used my method of patting the concealer under my eyes and repeating for a fuller coverage.

I’ll have an update.. maybe in a week or so to let you know how well I’m liking it.

Do you own a Camo Quad? What are your thoughts about it?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Coastal Scents. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review. I paid for this product myself and as always, my reviews are honest and are based on my personal experience in using the product.

11 thoughts on “Review: Coastal Scents Camo Quad – Medium + Before/After Photos & Swatches!

  1. wow, thank you for such a brilliant & in depth review hun, found this very helpful 🙂 have you ever tried Laura Mercier's secret camouflage? Its my HG concealer @ da mo 🙂 if so do you think this could compare?

    Aysh xoxo


  2. omg why didnt you post this yesterday lol i order from coatal scents black friday sale and was debating over this one concealer………lol i so wish i got it now ! thanxxxx soooo much for this review 🙂


  3. i've gotten it after reading all the rave. i can say its kinda full coverage. just tat the seller whom i bought from has kinda leave this for sometime. so when i receieve. its very drying. 😦 i regret buying. shud get some fresher stock. damn! it'll crease ur eyes thou no matter how much moiturizer u put on eyes. its oerfect for face thou may cause bit bumps. after all. hmm. 4/5? because i rly love love love the dark brown as a brownzer! 😀


  4. The concealing power is amazing. I am NC 20 skin and am debating whether shuld get the light or the medium quad. The color correcting quad seems pretty good as well! Argh..i'm torn btw choices..Nice review and swatches…

    By the way, I'm a new follower. =)



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