Dyed my hair & gave myself a trim.. :)

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.. I’ve been cuddled up all day in my house because today was the first snow fall of the winter for Chicago.. I love the snow and all, but I do not love driving in it. lol Anyways, Thursday night I decided to dye my hair because it had started to lighten up a bit. I’ve been using the same hair dye for months now. Clairol Natural Instincts Brass Free Brunettes 5C Medium Brown. The dye is semi-permanent, so the color fades quite fast. I try to limit the fading as much as possible by using color care shampoo’s.. but 4-6 weeks seems to be the time limit. I dye it closer to the 6th week mark. The reason I keep using this particular dye over and over is because It always gives me a natural dark, rich brown (it actually looks identical to my actual hair color) with no “brassy” or unnatural tones. When my hair color fades, it fades to a light-medium auburn brown. I don’t like auburn tones at all in my hair.. so this dye eliminates it well (temporarily). Also, what I love best of all is that you only need it in your hair for 10 minutes before you shower. After I rinsed my hair thoroughly, I applied some coconut oil throughout my hair and left it in for about 10 minutes to add a little shine to my hair. Then I shampooed (I always do even though it says for the best results wait a day) and let my hair air dry. My color came out extra shiny and the color was exactly as I wanted it. I noticed my ends were looking really uneven as I was flat ironing my hair, so I ended up evening out all of the ends of my layers by an inch or so and trimmed around 2 inches off of the total length of my hair. It definitely is looking a lot healthier. I was thinking of giving myself some wispy in my face bangs. What do you think??

(sorry for my lack of any facial expression lol)

21 thoughts on “Dyed my hair & gave myself a trim.. :)

  1. your hair looks so healthy and beautiful…it's great just like it is now….didn't know that you were in chicago too, this whole snowfall thing SUCKS! it's pretty to look at but i hated being in it this morning :-/


  2. looks gorgeous! it's funny because i actually like auburn tones in my hair, but my skin is so cool toned so i think i need the added warmth. you have such a nice tan and pretty colored eyes so the cooler toned hair really compliments it all!


  3. I agree about driving in the snow! I live in metro Detroit area and my boyfriend's dad lives in Chicago. He told us about the 4 in snow and we were waiting all day for it but it hasn't come yet lol. Your hair looks so healthy and shiny, absolutely gorgeous! 🙂


  4. I love your hair color! I tend to dye my hair medium to dark brown too because I hate how “brassy” my naturally brown hair looks; the color looks lovely, but i hate to continuously dye my hair every 4-6 weeks. have you tried the loreal excellence 10 minute hair dyes? the medium and dark browns hold up well with daily wash & sun. i'm thinking of re-dyeing my hair again since it's a brassy reddish brown again! 😦

    p.s. looove the layout!


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