The Brush Guard Review!

You can purchase these in different variety packs for $5.50 (tax & shipping included) from I purchased mine from Coastal Scents for $4.95 (+ shipping).
View the reviews for the brush guard on makeupalley here.
Review: The basic concept of this product is to keep the bristles of the brush together while drying.. and to dry the brushes upside down so excess water won’t seep into the wooden handle and cause the handle to separate from the brush in the future. I didn’t really buy into the whole idea of the brush guard (considering these have been around for a while).. Although it’s a good concept and it makes a lot of sense, I never really found the urge to purchase them. But while I was making a purchase on Coastal Scents, before checkout I was tossing in some last minute things and I figured I’d give them a try. I couldn’t think of any other method or tool to use to dry my brushes facing down. When I clean my brushes, I usually lay them flat to dry and by the following morning, they are usually dry and fluffy. No problems. No serious issues with my brush bristles fraying or straying away.. and haven’t had any brushes separate from the handle (well, high end at least). When I used the brush guards, it dried my brushes just as good & it kept all of the bristles together. I find the drying time to be very long (for this post, I had them drying for 10 hours and they were still damp. I had no choice but to use them by that point, so I couldn’t take a picture of them dry). You really need 24 hours for them to dry completely. I find that my goat hair/natural bristle brushes dried in a much shorter time (it’s always the case anyway) than the synthetic brushes. I do think this will help maintain my brushes well and that it will give my brushes a longer life span. Overall, I think it’s a good product. Nothing I’d continuously rave about.. but, worth the $5.
Do you own these or anything similar? What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “The Brush Guard Review!

  1. I've had the brushguard for a while (bought it after watching a Michelle Phan video) – it is one of my fave purchases ever – it makes washing brushes so easy for me. I used to spread a towel on the counter and angle the brushes so they were sloping down – such a pain!
    Now I just wash a couple of brushes at a time and put them upside down with the brush guard in my toothbrush cup to dry overnight. The next morning I take them out – the eyeshadow brushes are usually dry, but my kabuki brushes might still be a little damp – so I just take the brush guard off and lay them flat to dry.

    I love how the guard reshapes the bristles so that the brushes look like new LOL! Especially my MAC 129.


  2. Never heard of these before… I think that its a good concept but if its not much different from letting them dry flat I think I'll give them a miss. Thanks for the review! xo


  3. I have a few of these, that I also ordered from Coastal Scents. I purchased them for traveling, they are great for that purpose. I heard about using them to dry brushes, but Petrilude did a review on YT, and said that it took much longer for the brushes to dry. Which I guess is why I haven't used them for this purpose.

    Great review!

    Happy Holidays


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