Some Updates & My New Puppy w/ Pics!!! Help me name him??

Hey everyone.. Hope you’re all having an awesome week.. It’s finally the weekend – yay!! (Well, almost) I just thought I’d post a couple of updates.

If you follow me on twitter, you might know that George surprised me with a puppy two days ago. He is 6 weeks old and is a Maltese & Yorkshire Terrior mix. Everyone is asking me what I named him and whatever I choose, George doesn’t like and whatever he chooses I don’t like! *Sigh* Does anyone have any suggestions for cute boy names for a little dog? I thought of Teddy, Rocket, Tiger (he bites on everything), Brownie, Benji, Comet, Meeko (he reminds me of a little raccoon).. I can name 100 that I thought of.. George likes the names Snickers & Rocky. But I think it sounds goofy yelling out Snickers and I don’t think he really looks like a Rocky? Any ideas? 🙂 I’ve been so busy with him.. he is such a handful! I barely have been able to get on the computer because he starts going underneath the desk and tries to nibble on all of the wires as soon as I sit down in the chair.

In other news, lol
I received my Sephora order in the mail yesterday. I only ordered one thing.. Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation. I put it on my face last night to run to the store to buy the new pup some sweaters.. and I couldn’t really tell since it was night time, but it seemed very nice (and I love the smell of it).. I should be posting a full review with a swatch of the color and a FOTD along with it within a few days.

Also, a few days ago I started on a contouring with a light and dark foundation tutorial.. and It took me SO long. I happened to take the photos during sunset.. and with every next step, the lighting became darker and darker and by the time I reached the final step, the sun was down and it was completely dark. So, for the last step and final result I couldn’t get a good natural lighting photo. I’m not sure yet.. but I may have to re-do the tutorial. This post should be up within a few days as well.

I’ve also been testing out the ELF Complexion Perfection powder and the ELF Translucent Mattifying Powder from the Studio line and I should be reviewing these soon too!

Talk to you soon!!

47 thoughts on “Some Updates & My New Puppy w/ Pics!!! Help me name him??

  1. OOOOOMG Puppy! Charles surprised me with Bella 2 years ago around the same time (I believe it was the 21st of December though). We are too much alike haha. My friend has a dog named Snickers and she calls him Snicks all the time (it's cute). I love the name Meeko…he totally looks like a Meeko to me. 😀


  2. OMG OMG OMG. Adorable! Let's see…Toby, Kleiner (small in German), Bernard (he looks like he'll be all sophisticated with the clothes you're getting him), Claus, Conrad, Leopold, Theo are my picks.


  3. omg he is adorable i love him :). I have a teacup male yorkie and quite funny is name is Rocky of course my fiance picked it out it's definitely grown on me and people love the fact that he has a tough name with how tiny he is. I love Teddy and how about Hershey 🙂


  4. Advice!!!as soon as possible get tabbacco sauce n put it all over ue wires heels so u don't get the headches my puppy gives me. I have a yorkie terrier. Your puppy is adorable. So funny I have mine the night b4 Xmas. I like coco… Xoxo


  5. He is sooo cute!
    I like the name Meeko! I was actually going to name my siberian husky that before when i first got him, but then i met someone the next day with that name so i just couldnt do it lol


  6. He is adorable!!! He looks like a Meeko or Benji to me, both would suit him! We have a puppy we adopted a year ago and named him Muffin (he's a Maltese Shih-Tzu mix) I think some food names such as Cookie, Muffin, Peanut go perfectly for some dogs 🙂 I have a friend whose puppy's name is Maui which is super original in my opinion, never heard a dog name like that! 🙂


  7. meeko is a great name!! butttt, since my puppy is named rocky…i think you should name yours rocky!!!!! Speaking of my rocky…he won't let me type!!!! jumping on my laptop and scratching my fingers, gahhh

    can't wait for the reviews!

    bravo george for getting such a cutie patootie!!! my george didn't want the dog in the first place, still got him for me and now he loves him more than i do!!


  8. OMG! He's so precious! George did a good job. 🙂

    I think he looks like a Bruno. (I love Bruno Mars!) Or, like TaylorCristen said, Louis. Teddy is super cute, too. You'll have to let us know what you decide on!

    I hate that it gets so dark so early. I take pictures using my husband's phone (it has an amazing camera)… By the time he gets home, it's often too late to shoot. I feel your photograph pain! LOL!



  9. Aww how cute is he! I like the name Rocko, I met a dog called Rocko recently and he was SO sweet, looks like my Peanut 🙂 I also know a dog called snickers, I love all the names, good luck and keep us informed! Love him! X


  10. Hey everyone! Can you believe I ended up naming him Rocky? LOL. I loved all of the names you all suggested and my VERY PICKY boyfriend *ahem* didn't like any of them. So after almost a week of frustration.. I was like.. okay this is ridiculous.. he needs a name! So, with that said, I said fine.. we'll name him Rocky. I suppose it will grow on me. He kind of is like a Rocky since he is always trying to fight me!! LOL and bite anything he can lay his little teeth on.


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