Review: Love & Beauty Pink Creme Blush & Lip Tint!

Love & Beauty Creme Blush & Lip Tint (from Forever 21)

I picked up this blush at Forever 21 while I was doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. It’s a cream based blush can also be used on the lips. I’m not sure if there are any other shades than “Pink”.. this is the only shade I saw and there are none currently on their website. It has a nice smooth consistency that’s not too oily, waxy or overly creamy. It almost has the consistency of a lip balm – but slightly creamier. It has good pigmentation and blends evenly. It looks a little dull in the compact, but applied to my cheeks it brightens up my face and because of my yellow toned skin.. this blush pulls a little coral colored. I’ve been using this lately as a base for some of my powder brushes and it works great. I also really like this on the lips. It almost reminds me of MAC Creme Cup. It is slightly drying for the lips though.. so I would recommend a lip balm prior to application. Not bad for $3.80!
on my bare lips..
I always have good finds at Forever 21.. have you discovered any good products there lately?

11 thoughts on “Review: Love & Beauty Pink Creme Blush & Lip Tint!

  1. wow 😀
    nice tint color, very nature look
    pink and nude. i also have yellow tone skin and i think this color won't make me look too yellow like i'm sick 😉

    you're right, not bad for that price


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