NOTD: Rimmel Lasting Finish Steel Grey! + Photos!

This was a very popular color last year, but I never purchased it because I was loving my Orly Mirror Mirror and Essie Chinchilly. Since I absolutely love Rimmel Lasting Finish polishes, I decided to give Steel Grey a try. I wear grey very often.. almost every day, so I love wearing grey nail polish! Steel Grey applies very nicely – not too thick or thin, and it dries fairly quick between coats. The color is a dove grey – it almost looks like a neutral, dusty purple.
I applied 3 thin coats (although 2 was fine) and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. I never apply 3, so I hope it’s not going to be too thick on my nails and peel off. 
Have you tried this polish or anything similar??

17 thoughts on “NOTD: Rimmel Lasting Finish Steel Grey! + Photos!

  1. Oh this looks like a great dupe of a Nails Inc polish I have that's almost run out! It was part of the limited edition collection last year? I've been hunting for a similar colour everywhere & this seems as close to possible 🙂 Hopefully it'll be available in the UK?

    Aysh xoxo


  2. I bought this color when I saw you post an NOTD of “Posh Pink”. I love this brand. I especially love the wand and how it coats my nail practically in just one stroke! haha. These are the longest lasting polishes I've EVER owned. Love this colour!!!


  3. Oooooooooooooo I just bought that colour a couple days ago! I put it on top of a Seche Vite nail treatment (trying to protect my nails) but it ended up peeling off really quickly. I'm wondering if I should have used it on bare nails instead. Let us know how long it lasts!


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