Review: Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex SPF 6 for Combination/Oily! + FOTD!

Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex SPF 6 for Combination/Oily in Warm Golden

Hey guys! I purchased Revlon Colorstay Foundation last month while it was on sale at my local drugstore for 40% along with L’Oreal True Match Foundation. This is actually the third or fourth time I have purchased this foundation. Each time I have purchased a different color and wasn’t happy with any of the shades. So basically, I gave up on Colorstay due to the color selection. But, I was determined to find a decent match.. which is why I decided to yet again give it a try. It has great ratings and I’ve seen so many gorgeous faces in the makeup community use this foundation and love it. Many claim that it’s the best drugstore foundation. With such positive feedback.. I was very eager to try it for myself.
I did a little research, and found that for MAC NC35-37, “Golden Beige 300” and “Warm Golden 310” were the best matches. One up, “True Beige 320” is too pink and is better suited for NW30.. and the next up from True Beige is “Natural Tan 330” and is best for NC40.
I did a few hand swatches and liked the way “Warm Golden” looked the best.. so that’s what I purchased.
I did a few swatches of “Warm Golden” next to MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 and NC40. Unfortunately, I didn’t have NC35 or NC37 on hand. You can very visibly see that the MAC foundations are much more golden.. where Revlon is slightly more neutral/beige. It may be difficult to distinguish because the undertones don’t match.. but Warm Golden is darker than NC30 and would fall in the NC35-37 range.

When I really like a foundation, I know right away. And usually, I’ll review it fairly quick. This foundation took a while to grow on me. I applied it in several different ways. I applied it to a dry face, moisturized/primed face.. with a standard foundation brush, duo-fiber brush, fluffy synthetic brush and with my fingers. And I found that the best way for me to apply this foundation for the best result is, by first moisturizing my face prior to application and using my MAC 131 (smaller version of the 187 skunk brush), dampened with water to stipple it all over my face until blended. Applied to a dry face, this foundation looked terrible on me. But, this foundation is meant for combination to oily skin.. so it should be perfect for those with oily skin. I have pretty normal skin.. but I would also call it combination.. because I tend to get an oily t-zone (but not overly oily).. so thats why it applies better with some moisture on my face. 
The foundation itself is creamy.. but a little heavy. If you find it to be too thick, heavy or cakey.. I recommend mixing it with a couple drops of your facial moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer. I tried this with MAC Face & Body and had great results (But my F&B is a little dark for me right now.. so I didn’t post a photo).
Even though the undertone doesn’t have that much yellow – it works perfectly fine for me right now since my coloring is a bit lighter than usual.
The coverage is pretty good. It’s a medium coverage that is buildable for a heavier coverage. I prefer the way it looks when it is sheered out a bit with a moisturizer or thinner foundation. I find myself using this pretty often in conjunction with lighter foundations to over areas that need extra coverage.
It claims to last for 16 hours, which I think is a bit of a stretch. MAC Studio Fix Fluid definitely lasts longer on my skin than this foundation. This foundation can probably get me through a full work day.. but I don’t agree that it will look flawless until I take it off at night. For me, after some hours (maybe 6?) it starts to fade and areas that were once concealed aren’t very well concealed any more. What I really like is that it keeps my face matte.. and I have no signs of oil on my forehead or nose. So, again.. a great foundation for those with oily/combination skin. 
I prefer setting it with a setting powder, as it made my face feel a little wet? tacky? after application. 
Overall, I do think it’s a nice foundation and in terms of coverage.. probably has the most out of any drugstore foundation I’ve used. Also, I love the fact that it keeps my skin matte. My only complaints are that I’m not really fond of the chemical smell (yuck), there is no pump (my bottle is looking a little messy), I don’t like the way it fades after hours and I wish there were more golden/yellow shades.
Here’s me wearing it… (excuse my pjs)
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW25
Maybelline FIT ME Concealer #20
Revlon Colorstay Foundation #310 Warm Golden
Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent Powder (to set the foundation)
NARS Madly Blush
Benfit Hoola Bronzer (just a tiny bit in the hollows of my cheeks)
MAC New Vegas Mineralized Skinfinish (LE) (highlight the top of my cheek bones)
Ardell Medium Brown Brow Powder
MAC Girl Boy Brow Set
MAC Point Black Liquidlast Liner
MAC Gilt By Association Mineralized Eyeshadow (LE) (smudged under eyes)
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
MAC Stripdown Lip Liner
MAC Pink Fish Lip Conditioner (LE)
OCC Cha Cha Lip Tar (tiny bit)
Revlon Life’s a Peach Lipgloss (LE)

*(LE) = Limited Edition shade.

20 thoughts on “Review: Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex SPF 6 for Combination/Oily! + FOTD!

  1. I had a little giggle that you put the foundation bottle on top of the model's head *lol*
    I really love Revlon CS for photos, its pretty darn flawless if anything came close. It can feel a little heavy for me from time to time though.

    And I gotta agree with ellelovely; I always try to buy my Revlon CS when I drive down the border because its ridiculously expensive here.


  2. I bough true beige the first time and it was really too pink. Im an nc 36-37 right now so we have the same shade. I will definitely give it another try. Hopefully Warm Golden will be my match too. Thanks for this review. Been looking for the perfect shade for awhile now.


  3. I'm an NC40 and wear Natural Tan, it's a perfect match. You should try the other formula and see how it works for you. I think the combo formula is really too matte if you have normal and even slightly oily skin.


  4. EllysMakeupbag – Thank you!! I love this lip combo as well. Cha Cha looks so pretty when you add something with more pink! I love it with MAC Creme Cup as well.

    LabelleMuse – It still remains to be NARS Sheer Glow and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk.

    elleovely – Wow!! That's so expensive! Have you narrowed down what shade you might be? Temptalia has a foundation chart if you haven't checked it out already. It's very helpful.. and its based on reviewers.


  5. PBunnieP – Haha!! It wasn't on purpose.. but as soon as I posted and reviewed the post.. I did laugh out loud at that. Lol!!!! I do agree, It feels heavy on some days.. and some days it feels fine.

    Aleksis – Thank you hunny!!!

    Miss ♥ Nikka – Tell me about it!! This has literally been the fourth time I purchased this. Lol I think it will be a great match for you!

    Lucky – TY! Glad it was helpful!!! 🙂

    IcedCoffeeXO – Thanks for the advice. I will check out the other formula as well. I probably had as much trouble as I did because my skin isn't all that oily. Do you know if the colors run the same? I'm going to check it out now.


  6. I Love the Revlon CS foundation 🙂 it looks great on you!

    I do agree though that it doesn't last as long as the MAC Studio Fix Fluid- and I also find I need extra powder with the Revlon CS because it never seems to dry fully. I normally powder anyway because I have oily skin, but with the CS I always need more. However, I still always repurchase it when I run out =)


  7. This is actually my favorite foundation. I haven't found anything else that stays on as long as it does on my skin. I've never tried mixing it up a bit, I think I'll give that a go tomorrow.


  8. Hi Natty, wondered if the coastal scents yellow corrector would help? Have you tried that with.. do you still use/recommend the cs yellow?

    Also, After much research, youtube, web, (found a lot of color suggestions) I think lots said that the “golden beige” was more yellow than warm golden? slightly. I swatched in store and thought that.. you didn't find that to be true? And natural tan, and sand beige (which is too light for you) but if you mix with natural tan..Perfect. just an idea. But you may not want to go the trouble, seeing as how you love other brands more..


  9. your blog is so helpful! i was just wondering if you prefer the almay clear complexion foundation or the revlon colorstay. i do have an oily t zone and pretty normal skin everywhere else, and it is acne prone, but not that bad. please let me know 🙂


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