Small Drugstore Haul!

1) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks in the shades “Pink Please 025” and “Born with It 015”. These are Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off at Walgreens till the 15th. I haven’t tried them yet.. Pink Please was a color that was recommended to me by one of my lovely readers. I was hesitant at first.. but I decided to try it out. Both shades are light/med toned pinks.
2) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in the shade “Grey Area 330”. Grey Area is a deep Grey that looks darker on the nails than it does in the bottle. In the bottle it looks very similar to Rimmel Steel Grey, but Grey Area is deeper and almost looks navy in certain lighting.
3) Wet n Wild Mega Matte Lipstick in the shade “Just Peachy 903C”. A mid toned coral-pink shade. This is the third mega matte lipstick to my addition.. and I love them all! The lipsticks are creamy, very pigmented and no yucky scent! All Wet n Wild is 50% off at Walgreen’s till the 15th.
4) Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in the shade “Gray’s Anatomy 237C”. The Fast Dry formula is new to Wet n Wild in 2011. There were several different shades that caught my eye.. like a pretty baby pink, a bright blue, a bright coral-red.. but for some reason I picked this one. It’s a silvery grey with a purple/blue/green pearl. I’m still deciding if I like it or not.. LOL but I guess we’ll have to see once I apply it to my nails & post a NOTD!
5) Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in the shade “This Too Shall Glass 310A”. Cute name.. sounds like a shade of OPI nail polish? Lol This is also a new product for 2011. I really like the formula of this. It’s not sticky at all and feels very smooth on the lips. This color in particular is a sheer pink with a golden pearl.
6) LASplash Nail Art Glitter in the shade “Onyx”. A very pretty dark glitter.. with a mixture of fine and chunky glitter. The glitter is multi colored.. but mostly appears to be a deep blue/purple/green? I thought it would look very pretty paired with the polishes I bought. Can’t wait to share with you a NOTD!
Swatches are yet to come!

14 thoughts on “Small Drugstore Haul!

  1. I responded to your comment on my blog about the goat milk soap. I left some recommendations and asked you some questions. 🙂

    I hear “Born With It” is nicer than “Pink Please”. (I have “Pink Please”, and love it!) Can't wait to see your swatches!



  2. Kate – I'll check it out now! 🙂 Just by looking at Born with It, it reminded me of MAC's limited edition marquise D lipstick.. which I love. I'm not sure if they are anything a like though.. I'll be posting swatches soon!

    Rachel – By the looks of it, it does look sheer. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be somewhat opaque with two coats.. I'll keep you updated!

    Jo – I haven't! I actually never wanted to purchase them because I don't really like the smell of Maybelline lipsticks. I hope these aren't drying. Once I try them out.. I'll let you know. Since its winter.. my lips have been drying out a lot.. so I'll know right away. 🙂

    Heatherette – Way to Love is one of my favorites!!! I hope it is a dupe.. 🙂

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!!


  3. Maybelline's born with it is a gorgeous lipstick 🙂 it was in my Decmeber favorites. Its the kind of lipstick that looks great alone- which is great if your in a rush.

    I have to do some drugstore shopping myself, there is some great stuff being released 😛


  4. Oooh the Sally Hansen nail polish looks lovely! I love grey polish (=

    I'm quite interested in Wet n Wild Mega Matte Lipstick in Just Peachy but I've heard it's quite drying z=


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