How to Highlight your face! + Swatches of ALL of my products!

 Hey Everyone! While I was browsing my blogger dashboard at all of the new postings, I came across a new post from Kandee Johnson that was titled “How to Highlight Cheekbones like a Pro”. I thought I already knew how to highlight my face.. but once I read her post.. I had actually learned a lot! I just started using her method and it’s been working great. I thought I had to share with you guys..

Kandee’s method for highlighting is applying a cream highlighter with your fingers on top of your cheekbones after all of your makeup is finished. Then, SET your cream highlighter with a powder highlighter! She mentions the best brush to use is a Duo-Fiber brush (such as the MAC 130 or 131) because it doesn’t pick up very much color. By using a regular blush brush.. you will end up with too much product on your brush. (I’ve done this way too often and looked like I was punched with a bag of glitter. Lol!) You can also use a fan brush.. it’s designed to not pick up as much product and it’s shaped perfectly so when you pat the brush down on your skin, it will apply the product in a thin line (on top of your cheekbones). 
*Why is this news to me?? I never thought about applying a cream and powder. Yes I do this for blush sometimes and I of course do this for my foundation. But It never crossed my mind to do it for my highlight as well. Also, I don’t use a highlight often.. but I now know that you only need the thiniest bit. As I watched Kandee apply her highlight.. it was like an AHA moment. She did so little work and her cheekbones looked amazing! And, even though her makeup was matte looking.. her highlight made her face appear dewy and fresh. I always knew how to apply highlighter and where to apply it.. but I didn’t know how much and where to stop, blend, etc. You only need to pat it in a small area above your cheekbones (the highest point of your cheek that sticks out) so in certain lighting, the light will catch your cheekbones and make them look more defined. 
You can view her tutorial written in her blog post along with her favorite products by clicking here. But! I highly suggest you to WATCH the video! Click here to watch the video.
Also, I included swatches of all of my highlighting products for you guys!
 Swatches from Left to Right: Yves Saint Laurent Touche D’or Golden Touch for the Face (LE). This has been released on a few different occasions with the last release for the Holiday 2010. It’s a liquid highlighter pen with a brush applicator (just like Touche Eclat). It has a thin creamy consistency and gives a nice glow to the skin. The color is a pearly, shimmery golden pink. Product info here.
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat #1 Radiant Touch. A liquid highlighter pen with a brush applicator. A creamy liquid consistency that is a luminous peachy pink with no pearl or shimmer. Product info here.
Yves Saint Laurent Eclat D’or Face & Body Highlighter. Gel textured with lots of gold pearl and iridescence. I’ve had this for a while.. I’m not sure if it is Limited Edition or if it was discontinued. I can’t find any information on it.
Benefit High Beam. A pearly light pink liquid highlighter with a nail polish-like wand applicator. Product info here.
Swatches from Left to Right: NARS Albatross Blush. A powder blush that appears white in the pan, but applies as a finely milled golden sheen. Product info here.
ELF Gotta Glow Studio Blush. A dupe for NARS Albatross. The products are pretty identical in color.. but the consistency of the ELF blush is more powdery (lower quality). Product info here.
MAC Vanilla Pigment. A soft white pigment with a golden yellow pearl. It is similar to both NARS Albatross and ELF Gotta Glow.. but it is more intense and the white color is more prominent. Product info here.
Swatches from Left to Right: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Medium/Natural and Shimmer (LE). A duo powder compact with one side as a setting powder and the other side is a highlighter. The highlighter is a frosty pinky peach.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish New Vegas (LE). A frosty yellow gold powder with gold shimmer veining. This shade has not been re-launched by MAC since the original launch in 2007.
MAC Honour Powder Blush. A subtle golden peach sheen with slight gold shimmer. I love using this all over my cheeks because it isn’t very intense. Makes for a great highlighter, esp for darker/tan skin tones. Product info here.
Swatches from Left to Right: Stila Rose Gold Illuminating Finishing Powder. A sheer, frosty pinkish peach baked powder. I can’t find any information on this powder. It may be discontinued? 
Hard Candy Honeymoon Blush Crush Baked Blush. A frosted peachy pink baked powder. Available at Walmart.
MAC Natural Flare Beauty Powder. A frosty peachy pink shimmer powder with fine glittery golden reflects. This was a limited edition product at MAC.. I believe it may be available at MAC Pro. I’m not 100%.
I love all of my highlighters and use them all from time to time. I’m not sure if I can pick out a favorite. I am interested now in purchasing MAC Hush or Shell cream colour bases. 
I hope you found this post helpful! Share in the comments what your favorite highlighters are or the technique you use for applying your highlight!

14 thoughts on “How to Highlight your face! + Swatches of ALL of my products!

  1. I always use MAC Pearl CCB with NARS Albatross on top! Still gonna check out the video Kandee did to see if she does anything differently 🙂 I want New Vegas so bad… have you ever come across a dupe?


  2. Hey doll! You must try MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl for your cheeks to highlight! Ive been using it since it came out forever ago and its my go to- never fails! Its also very quick since you can just use your fingers to apply. I also apply a powder highlight over top of it after blush is applied! Works great :] ♥ best wishes*


  3. Cheryl – I haven't come across a dupe! It's ridiculous really.. I can't belive there are no yellow gold highlights out there (well, there probably are.. but I seriously have looked and not seen any that I can call a dupe)

    Sara – Where has your gorgeous self been!? I'm 100% going to purchase it now.. thank you!!!

    I'm glad this post was helpful to you all!! ♥


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