Who’s the Cutest Morkie puppy in the world!!??!?!? *PIC HEAVY*

HAHA! Okay, so you guys are going to get really sick of seeing my pup all of the time. But really, I can’t help it. Half of the time I want to lock him up in a cage and the other half of the time I want to put him a hot dog bun and eat him because of his cuteness!!!! Thinking about it now.. why do people associate eating with cute? “You’re so cute I can just eat you up.” Sometimes when George does something cute I just feel the urge of a superhuman power to squish him in a little ball and toss him in my mouth like a gumball and rub my tummy in satisfaction. Maybe it’s my compulsive overeating talking. LOL.. Does anyone agree with me? Please make me feel better about myself.

Anyway.. onto Rocky in his new basketball gear. I got this cute little Chicago Bulls jersey (Woo! Chicago pride!!!) Christmas time at Marshall’s for around $5. It’s an XS and was too big for him at Christmas time.. now it fits him perfectly!

“I hope I’m going to get a treat for this, Mom!”
“Do you like my sexy chest hair?”
“Turn my head like this?”
“Turn it more??”

“I think I need to be groomed..”

24 thoughts on “Who’s the Cutest Morkie puppy in the world!!??!?!? *PIC HEAVY*

  1. Oh my God I seriously want to eat him!!!!! He's so cute!!!! 😀 Yay for Chicago Bulls jersey, adorable! I need to get one of those for my puppy too 🙂 I love dogs, looking forward to all your Rocky posts he he


  2. Oh my goodness, Rocky is sooo cute! He reminds me of my morkie, Coco when she was a baby. I will have to show you her picture or post it sometimes hah!

    and BTW, i loooooooveeeee your blog. keep it up gorgeous!


  3. ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahahahahahaa omg sorry, but when I read the “sexy chest hair” and then the “turn my head like this” I actually lost it. haha so funny. the captions are perfect. I agree with you on the cute = eating thing so don't feel bad. The second picture is my favourite… makes me want to get a friend for Bella!!! But she'd probably sit on him and smoother him with love by accident.


  4. LOL Thank you everyone for commenting! I can't help but buy him something every time I go out. This dog is soo spoiled!!!!

    Anonymous – It's SO funny.. I never knew how popular the name Rocky actually is!!! Every time I tell someone my dogs name is Rocky.. they tell me.. “Oh! My sisters dog.. or my friends dog.. or my uncles dogs name is Rocky” LOL..

    Janine – I'm going to hold you to that I swear!! LOL He is definitely a momma's boy.. and needs me in his field of view 24/7. It's kind of funny. He really needs to be trained.. I have all carpet in my house and he can't just go in one place.. he has to go a little in one place.. then some more 5 feet away.. and some more another 5 feet away.. lol There's a lot of snow outside to take him out though =\ He shivers like crazy every time I bring him out and he just tries to play. I need to read up on how to train him. He actually already learned to “sit” on command!! I'm so proud.

    Sylvia – Omg! I wanna see! I was trying to google “morkie adults” and tried to find one that looks like my dog.. but I didn't really come across any. & Thank you, hun!!! I'm glad you like it <3333

    Cheryl – HAHA!!! He is such a goofball.. and I laugh every time I look at the pictures and read the captions. George wants to get a companion for him.. a larger dog. I wouldn't mind a golden retreiver.. they're so loveable.. but I don't really want a dog that sheds a lot =\ I'll have to look into breeds. I've smothered this litle guy a few times already.. LOL

    Isabel – He's def. a natural! Lol!!

    Thanks everyone for commenting!!! 🙂 It makes me not feel like a total loser for giving my dog a photo shoot.. hahaha!!


  5. OMG!!!! Super adorable!!! I want a Yorkie too! My bf recently got me Maltese. My 5 yr old Shih Tzu has a new little sister. Your little pup is soo adorable and i like his jersey! I need to get my dogs one of those to match me, I have a Bulls jersey myself and a big fan of the bulls!


  6. Bahahaha @ your chest hair comment! XD I'm normally not a fan, but Rocky rocks it well. LOL!

    I wish we could put a Seahawks jersey on our fur baby. He'd scratch the heck out of me, though! LOL!



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