NOTD: Sally Hansen Grey Area + Glitter Tips with LASplash Glitter!

Here is what two coats of Grey Area looks like on my nails. It isn’t the most flattering picture of the nail polish.. I had done the two coats before I went to bed and I woke up with very dull, nicked up nails.
The color is a very deep gray, that almost looks like a navy blue (as opposed to Rimmel Steel Grey that almost looks purple). The formula of Grey Area is a little on the thick side. Once the color hit my nails, I had to coat my nail quickly because it seemed to already start to dry. With two coats, the color is completely opaque. Like I said, I had done my nails at night.. even though I let my nails thouroughtly dry.. because of the thick formula, my nails ended up nicked in the morning (This can obviously be avoided by using a top coat).
I decided to put my LASplash glitter to some use from my latest drugstore haul.. So I applied a third coat of nail polish and quickly dipped my nail in the glitter. I blew off the excess glitter and let them dry completely and applied a top coat.
I really liked the color combination of the glitter and nail polish. I’ll definitely be doing this mani again in the future!
Have you tried doing glitter tips? What technique did you use?

15 thoughts on “NOTD: Sally Hansen Grey Area + Glitter Tips with LASplash Glitter!

  1. AHH, this is such a great idea! I love the nail polish color, and I love the idea of glitter! I've never tried glitter tips, but I've tried just putting glitter all over. It was a pain in the butt to remove!


  2. EllysMakeupbag – I Love black and gold! I'm going to have to try that!!!

    Schnelle Couture – I've had pretty good luck too! They have lots of colors and they're very affordable.. which is always nice 🙂

    A.C.- OOOH.. black on black sounds awesome. Now I want to buy lots of glitter. lol

    Amaris – I know it's SUCH a pain removing glitter.. thats why I hardly ever use it lol. I use the pure acetone nail polish remover for tough polishes.. and it takes it off a lot quicker!

    Thanks for commenting everyone!


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