Maybelline Born with It and Pink Please Color Sensational Lipsticks Review, Photos & Swatches!

Maybelline Born with It and Pink Please Color Sensational Lipsticks

Born with it and Pink Please are extremely similar. They are both light pinks – Pink Please is a bubblegum pink with no frost/sparkle and Born with it is the slightest touch lighter and has a very fine, shimmery sheen. In the tubes they both appear to be shiny like a MAC Cremesheen or Lustre.

When I initially purchased these lipsticks, I thought they were going to be warm pinks.. But applied to the lips they are pretty neutral. Pink Please is slightly warmer than Born With It. On my lips, they both appear to be slight lilac pinks. The sparkle in Born With It is barely visible – it just makes the lipstick appear slightly shiny. I could really only tell the difference between the two when I applied them heavily. Applied heavy, Pink Please is definitely bolder. Born with it is a little lighter and natural.

Swatched next to MAC Creme Cup and MAC Way to Love for comparison..
Here is Pink Please on my bare lips.. I toned down the pigmentation of my lips with residue from my foundation brush.

And, here are a couple of Born With It (same lighting, different views). I added a little lip gloss in the last photo (LASplash Girl Crush).

Overall thoughts: I still have yet to play around with these shades.. So far so good. I just wish the formula was a little bit thicker and opaque. They are a little sheer.. Yes, they are buildable.. but I have to swipe the color on my lips over and over to get my preferred opacity. I’m not sure yet which one I like better.. I think I like Born With It a little better because it’s a little shinier/lighter than Pink Please. I’ll most likely be wearing glosses on top of both because alone.. they look a little dull on my lips. I’ll keep you guys updated and I’ll post a FOTD with these soon 🙂

18 thoughts on “Maybelline Born with It and Pink Please Color Sensational Lipsticks Review, Photos & Swatches!

  1. Pink Please, after Revlon Soft Nude, is my favorite drugstore lipstick! I wear it over a nude lipstick to get creamier pink lips, I love it 🙂 Born with it looks gorgeous too!


  2. Born with it looks super cute on you! Is it really sparkly or just subtle?
    Also do you find that the maybelline sensational lipsticks are kind of drying?? I tried one at the store (on the back of my hand) and I thought it was a little dry.

    La Belle Muse


  3. Natalie Lyn – Aww, thank you!!!! 🙂 🙂

    EllysMakeupbag – It's hard to find a good pink d/s lipstick that isn't overly frosty.. these are great!

    Ebru – I'm definitely going to have to experiment to see what colors to pair it up with.. 🙂 So far I've tried pink please with wet n wild think pink for a very pinky-pink and I really liked it 🙂

    labellemuse – It's very subtle.. You can't really even see the shimmer once it's on the lips. Because of the shimmer.. it appears a little more lustrous than pink please.

    The Girlie Blog – Aw thanks! I feel like I have a really difficult time finding colors that fit my skin tone. That's why I always purchase warm peachy pinks. I know they work.. and that's mostly what I stick to. I need to start trying out other shades and tones.. 🙂

    joanna x – I just checked the superdrug website and didn't see it. So, I'm not sure.. =\

    stiletto – Thanks hun!!!

    Gali – Thank you!!!! 🙂

    Dani – To exfoliate them.. I use an exfoliation glove (a cheap one – they're all the same). I first apply a lip balm (such as carmex or blistex) and let it sit on my lips until they get very soft.. and I wet the glove and lightly scrub my lips until all of the dryness peels off and my lips are smooth. 🙂

    Thanks everyone so much for commenting!!!! I'll keep you updated!


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