Review: Covergirl Professional Super Thick Mascara!

Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: “For big, bold, thick lashes, Super Thick Lash is the one. Its Lash Builder brush separates, defines, and reaches for those little lashes so you get thick, full lashes – so easy, so beautiful!”
»For bold, thick lashes
»Suitable for contact wearers and Sensitive eyes

Review: I originally purchased this mascara because I thought I HAD to try it because of the positive reviews (rated 4/5 on makeupalley with a 75% re-purchase rate – which is high!). Another thing that lured me to try it is because I’ve had great luck with Covergirl Mascara (since Lash Blast is my fav!) and that it claims to be smudge proof. Smudging has always been my main issue with mascaras.. and I rarely explore many mascaras because the majority end up under my eyes except for my beloved Lash Blast. I had very high expectations for this mascara.. and I’m not at all disappointed.. but I’m not blown away by the results. The name of this mascara is “Super Thick Lash”.. and I didn’t find that this made my lashes “Super Thick”. The original Lash Blast definitely builds more volume for me than this mascara.. BUT, this mascara gives me much more length.. which Lash Blast doesn’t really do for me. Don’t get me wrong, this mascara is buildable.. but it requires a little work to get them very volumized. This mascara has no distinct scent (just the typical scent), it stays true to the claim by not smudging, the color is very black, gives length, builds volume (requires several coats), dries quickly without smudging and doesn’t make my lashes crispy. There are some mascaras that once you apply it.. you can’t go back later in the day and add another coat without having wonky looking lashes. This one I could apply later in the day. The brush is a standard mascara brush.. nothing fancy. Easy to get close to the base of your lashes and in the corners. I think I actually prefer larger wands for some reason? I guess I can’t really say anything bad about this mascara except for the fact.. that I wish the formula was a little wetter? So I can build volume as quick as I can with YSL Faux Cils or CG Lash Blast. I will continue using this mascara and I will probably combine this with Lash Blast for more dramatic lashes. Whats really nice about this mascara is the price! It’s only around $4 – half of the price of Lash Blast. 
 If you’re looking for a new mascara – This is a pretty nice one to try.. (For the record, it does much more for me than CG Last Blast Length & Maybelline Lash Stiletto..)
Whats your favorite mascara? Is there one you think I should try? Let me know in the comments. 🙂
Thanks for Reading!

15 thoughts on “Review: Covergirl Professional Super Thick Mascara!

  1. You have such long, gorgeous lashes!
    I have read so many positive reviews about Lash Blast… Really want to try it! Unfortunately, Covergirl is not available here (story of my life, hey?!)
    I might consider online shopping with all your awesome reviews! 🙂


  2. Agree with you, it's definitely more lengthening than thickening though you have such long lashes anyway that you don't need help!

    My fave mascara is MF False Lash Effect which for me builds unbelievable volume. A trick I use is to use the Falsies to lengthen my lashes, the follow with False Lash to thicken it.



  3. I've been meaning to try that because like you, I love my lash blast. Maybe using it in combination with the lash blast will give both volume and length? Thanks for the great review..I'm going to give it a try.


  4. That looks great, but do you find it makes them a little spidery?
    My absolute must have right now is the Loreal Extra Volume collagen mascara. Now THAT gives me superthick, super long lashes. Love it!


  5. YSL Faux Cils is my all-time favourite but the original! I can't wait to be in the US again and stock up on Covergirl lol your lashes are soo long as well x x


  6. I love Prestige mascaras….I like My Bigggest Lashes and My Blackest Lashes, for the price ($6 at Ulta) you really get a good mascara.


  7. Lucky – Oh my goodness, girly!! You are so deprived!!! LOL But I bet you have some awesome goodies that I can't get my hands on here in the US..

    And thank you! Only when I pack on the mascara.. Beleive me! Lol.. my naturally lashes are so flimsy and sad looking.. 😦

    Makeup and Macaroons – Haha!! I need all of the help I can get! I like my lashes to look extra long (well, who doesn't anyway.. haha)

    I'm going to have to try out “False Lash Effect”… I read great reviews for that one as well.. I may end up trying your method! 🙂 Thanks, dear!

    VampiressDoll – Thank you! I haven't tried any Rimmel mascaras.. I'll look into that one.. thanks!!!

    angiepizants – Thank you!! (It's all an illusion LOL)

    Schnelle Couture – Yes! I've been using a coat or two of this mascara and then I swipe Lash Blast over it and it looks fantastic! (it may sound like excessive mascara.. but it's really not!)


  8. Michelle Xo – I can't say for exact sure because I haven't been using it that long.. But I haven't had the spidery effect yet. Is that what happened to you with it??

    I love L'Oreal Collagen Mascara! <3

    EllysMakeupbag – TY!!! Next to Lash Blast.. Faux Cils is my absolute favorite too.. But I'm totally with you! It dries up way too fast! 😡 Once I started running the applicator under warm water by the end of each week and wiping it off, it did extend the life of my mascara maybe an extra couple of weeks.

    Foreverclassy – Thank you! 🙂 🙂 I JUST added that to my shopping list! I'll be trying that one next. I think I have a coupon for it somewhere..


  9. Charl – Yay.. Faux Cils love!! LOL.. Thanks girly! Takes a lot of work to get these babies looking long.. haha!

    Chu Chu – Ooooh! I NEED to try those! Prestige mascaras have such great reviews.

    Ella – I liked that one as well.. I would of snagged a couple when I saw them clearanced at my local drug stores… but I didnt realize they were being d/c. 😦 Does Falsies give good volume??

    Gah! I want to try so many mascaras now!!


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