NOTD: Nude Nails with Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Nail Polish in Nude!

Two (2) coats of Love & Beauty “Nude” Nail Polish & one (1) coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. My middle fingernail is looking a little odd because the corner of it chipped pretty bad. I had to file all of my nails down so they somewhat matched in length.
I really like wearing nude colors on my nails, but I rarely ever wear them. Mainly because I don’t really like the way it looks with my self tanner. But, since I’ve been going real light on the self tanner lately, I thought this would be a pretty neutral shade.
It’s a warm pinky nude that I think is very flattering on my skin tone. Neutral colors on your nails are supposed to elongate your fingers and I actually do think this polish blends in with my hands at a glance and makes my fingers appear longer. The color is soft and milky, but it’s not too light or pastel. I’m very happy to say that the formula is opaque and you only need two coats. Many nude polishes are too sheer, which require additional coats. And additional coats for me typically mean that all of my nails are going to smudge (I never wait long enough in between coats).
Anyway, great shade and I’m sure I’ll be using this again and again.
My last NOTD (love & beauty forest green) actually lasted pretty long. It lasted a full week with one minor chip. Very nice for a Forever 21 polish!

23 thoughts on “NOTD: Nude Nails with Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Nail Polish in Nude!

  1. I love this color. I was in forever21 just the other day and I didnt see this color. I need to look for this next time.


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