Review: Keromask Concealer in the shade "Light" – A Great Full Coverage Concealer!

Keromask Concealer (Sample)

Product Description – Keromask® Masking Cream by Christy UK, is an ultra-highly pigmented and extremely concentrated camouflage cream for disguising a variety of common skin problems, large or small, such as:

Age spots • Acne marks and scars • Birthmarks • Broken capillaries • Bruises and Post-operative bruising • Burn Scars • Dark circles under the eyes • Eczema • Flushing • Moles • Permanent pigmentation problems • Port wine stains • Psoriasis • Rosacea • Scar discoloration • Tattoos • Temporary discoloration • Varicose veins • Vitiligo • And more…

Powerfully concentrated, just a small pin-drop of Keromask® is all that’s needed for many kinds of skin discoloration coverages. Generally one thin smoothed layer is sufficient coverage for most situations. However, in the case of very prominent discolorations, additional thinly applied layers of cream is more effective. Everyday make-up can be applied over a sealed area of Keromask® without disturbing it.
Keromask has an SPF12 sunscreen and is 100% waterproof when sealed with a loose finishing/setting powder. Keromask can also be worn when swimming or playing sports, and just one application can last up to eight hours, providing you with effective coverage throughout your day.

It is not animal tested.


Color Choices

You may have remembered from my latest (no affiliation) haul, I purchased a sample of Keromask concealer on complete impulse because I had to spend one more dollar to qualify for free shipping.

The sample costs $3.99 and is shipped in a small plastic screw top jar. The purpose of purchasing a sample is to accurately test the color on your skin tone before purchasing a full size product. It is supposed to be enough product for a few uses. I had my fingers crossed that the sample was going to be a little more generous – but they only provided a small dab.. Luckily, with this concealer a little goes a long way – So I’ve been able to test the product out for days.

It was a little difficult finding swatches or many reviews for Keromask, so I chose the shade “light”, which is described to fit “normal” skin tones and is most likely the most popular color. I could of probably used medium as well if I wanted to match my skin tone.. but I prefer my concealer to be a little bit lighter (not much) to give my face more dimension.

The color looked slightly dark and pink in the jar, and I didn’t think it was going to work out good.. BUT, I was surprised to see that once I swatched it, it appeared much lighter and less pink.

It actually has that salmon/peachy coloring that works so well for masking under eye darkness.

I apologize that my before and after photos aren’t that great. My under eye darkness is much more visible in person than it is in my before photo. I have a reddish purple under my eyes and its a darker blue purple in the corners.

You can visibly see in the after photo that it has completely covered any darkness and redness and evened out my skin tone. It has also brightened the area.

It is very visible that the finish is slightly dewy.

Review: Let me start out by saying that this concealer is amazing for full coverage. Like I said, I purchased a sample on a complete whim.. I’ve never heard of it and didn’t research it. When I first swatched the concealer, my eyes literally lit up because I didn’t expect it to be so creamy and so pigmented. I’m not going to say “typically”.. but often times “full coverage” concealers tend to be dry in texture and don’t “smooth” that easily on your skin. Often times it’s required to moisturize your under eyes first. This concealer is so different. The texture is so buttery smooth.. The closest comparison in consistency is the Bobbi Brown Corrector.. the finish is actually like the Corrector as well.. but it covers more. The first few days wearing this I would moisturize under my eyes and then apply it with my MAC 224 brush. It provided a complete full coverage without looking heavy or thick. One day I just put a little under my eyes and on a couple of blemishes and went to run a few errands and because of the creamy consistency, it settled in my fine lines & was slightly “wet” looking? This didn’t happen on days where I wore foundation & powder. With most of my concealers.. I need to “build” the coverage.. so naturally, I was applying more product than I needed. The past couple of days I’ve been using my finger to apply it.. and it has been working fantastic, as I’m not applying as much. I haven’t noticed any creasing. It claims to be waterproof and from what I’ve noticed.. it lasts all day on me without fading. It brightens under my eyes and covers blemishes 100%!! I am so amazed with this concealer and I believe that this is HG material and everything I’ve been looking for in a concealer.

If you’re looking for a moisturizing, full coverage concealer and you feel you’ve tried everything.. I highly recommend you to give it a try!

The only downside for me is that it’s very expensive. It’s $42.. but it’s said to last for over a year because of the high pigmentation.

If you check out the website ( you’ll see on the front page that they have a video showing how it can cover up a tattoo.

Have you heard of this brand or tried this concealer? Let me know your opinion in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Review: Keromask Concealer in the shade "Light" – A Great Full Coverage Concealer!

  1. Great post Miss Natty! I have to deal with Melasma spots and when I can't see the derm or use my obagi products to keep them at bay, I need a stronger concealer that will hide the discolorations. I'm going to pic up a sample and give it a try.

    Thanks so much 🙂


  2. Hi! I have really bad undereye circles with blue veins. I got a sample of Keromask in light a while ago and I like it, I havent tried the Hard Candy concealer…But it seems like u prefer Hard Candy Glamoflauge…How do they compare and which one do u think is better for undereyes? Would appreciate your reply.
    thank you…


  3. I love this product and have it in my kit. has the best price and their customer service is outstanding. I have listed the product number below.

    Product ID: PPS-0012


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