NOTD: Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Nail Polish in Coral!

Two (2) Coats of Love & Beauty Coral Nail Polish (No Top Coat)
Coral is a beautiful, vibrant coral-red. When I first purchased this polish, I thought it was going to be “salsa” red – basically an orange/yellow red, but this coral is absent of any yellow tones. It’s almost like a vibrant, salmon-coral. I think it’s a pretty close dupe to the Essie Escapades Nail Polish from Essie’s Summer of ’08 Collection. As for the nail polish itself, it is quite sheer with one coat and is very opaque with two. Some may prefer three coats – as when I look at my nail in the light, I can see my nail line. The formula is creamy and dries quickly. I was able to apply a second coat within a minute or two. The finish is actually very shiny, but a top coat is necessary so you won’t “nick” your nails.

This Nail Polish can be found at Forever 21 stores.

13 thoughts on “NOTD: Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Nail Polish in Coral!

  1. Hey girl! I just posted about this like 4 days ago! It looks great on you!

    Thanks for following! I love all your posts and I appreciate all of the useful information!!



  2. have not tried any of their polishes – might need to check them out! P.s. this is a little random but, have you tried the olay PROx Advanced cleansing system? Its basically a cheaper version of the clarisonic… i might do a review (just picked it up) 🙂


  3. Dear Natty,

    Please stop enticing me with all these adorable F21 beauty products. We have such limited stock here in Canada of F21 beauty items and the only store in town is always so crowded.
    However, if I ever get a chance to visit one down the border again, you bet I will shop til i drop!




  4. Pretty color. I just wanted to comment because I just purchased the “coral” polish(I stumbled across this site as I wanted to see people's reviews) and my bottle looks different than yours… mine definitely looks more like a true coral. As the color name is on the price tag and not the bottle, perhaps they tagged your bottle incorrectly?


  5. Hmm that's odd. Maybe it was an “off” batch? I purchased it in the store and they had several. F21 is weird though, I swear they give multiple polishes the same name. Ive owned “pink” and “peach” in the past and my latest trip to F21 they had new colors with the same name. Maybe its more reliable to go by the item #.


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