MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are the newest range of lipsticks that will now be a part of MAC’s permanent collection. The Sheen Supremes are said to be a hyrid of a lipstick and lipgloss – pigmented like a lipstick and shiny like a lipgloss. *For reference, these are redeemable for Back 2 MAC.
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are available in fourteen (14) shades: Bare Again, Behave Yourself, Can’t get Enough, Can’t Resist, Full Speed, Good to be Bad, Gotta Dash!, Impressive, Insanely It, Look at Her!, New Temptation, Quite the Thing!, Supremely Confident and Ultra Darling. 
I began swatching a few and noticed right away that the consistency is very different than any other of the MAC lipstick formulas. The Sales Associate I was speaking with compared the formula to the Cremesheen formula, but a little bit softer. 
Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick is a sheer, but buildable, warm beige-pink. It appears as a bright mauve in the tube, but applies slightly rosier. The color is actually very similar to the color of my actual lips. It’s a really great “My Lips But Better” lipstick shade that can flatter just about any skin tone. 
MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick on my lips

It seems that MAC knows this by now and creating a new lipstick that is even creamier would be risky because although I love Creamsheens, they are very touchy and have a strong tendency to melt because of the super soft formula. But, they seemed to get the packaging down pact with the Sheen Supremes. The tube is tall and and thin – like an over sized tube of chapstick. Even though you still may have to worry about it melting, the lipstick can’t become slanted or loose from the base, because there is no space between the walls of the lipstick tube and the actual lipstick.

The consistency is extremely buttery soft. It reminds me a lot of YSL Rouge Volupte‘s formula, but I find the Sheen Supreme to be more moisturizing. It has a shiny finish, similar to the MAC Lustre formula. 

From some of the reviews I have read, someone mentioned it is the exact dupe of MAC’s Limited Edition Bare Slimshine. From swatches I have seen, it does appear to look like a close match. Temptalia describes it as- “rosier than Cherish; slightly lighter than Kinda Sexy; more opaque version of Hug Me.” I looked through my lipsticks trying to find a dupe and I tried comparing it to MAC Feelin’ Good Lip Conditioner & NARS Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer both were lighter and more pink. The closest color match I found was NARS Chihuahua lip gloss
Did you purchase any Sheen Supremes? What do you think of them?

26 thoughts on “MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. Just saw these today on my lunch break at MAC and totally dismissed it – looks pretty so I might need to give it a second glance … haha … especially that nude pink colour!



  2. I just got this one today and I love it so far! I can definitely see the resemblance this formula has to the Rouge Volupte formula, but I much prefer this one since I feel like it doesn't have as much slip and it lasts longer on my lips.


  3. I have been waiting to purchase a few of these until I go to my MAC store and actually swatch them in person.. but seriously I love this one on you so much! I don't think I can wait until I make a trip to the store for it lol!


  4. I've been curious about these since they first came out, I definitely want to see if Bare Again is a dupe for for Bare slimshine (ironic name huh? lol) because I LOVED that and was disappointed when I found out they we're discontinuing it.


  5. I totally LOVE “INSANELY IT” makes my skin brighten up and when I apply it, makes my teeth whiter and I don't have to put other makeup on my face because the focus is on the lips already!


  6. I'm a huge fan of MLBB shades of lipsticks and glosses, and for some reason, as I was looking around for more shades to add to my collection, I came across MAC Bare Again and stumbled upon this blog post via Google Images. I went out and bought it and I love it, and thanks to you I got the Nars Chihuahua lipgloss too :D…thanks!


  7. These lipsticks look beautiful! I don't wear lipstick much, I'm more of a lip balm kind of girl but I purchased my first ever Mac lipstick a few weeks ago (MAC Cremesheen – Creme d'Nude). It's lovely, but I find that because of it's super nude colour, even the slightest chap lip shows up. Recently, I read your post on the 'Insanely It' lipstick and had to buy it, so hopefully this one will be a nice change and encourage me to wear more lipsticks! 🙂 Great blog, look forward to more posts!



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