NOTD: Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in #325 Gum Drop!

Three (3) Coats of Revlon Gum Drop (no top coat)
I have never really been one to buy in to scented nail polishes. I guess it’s kind of a fun concept, but every scented nail polish I have ever owned had the same exact scent. That sort of – fruity, candy smell which gets a little annoying after 5 minutes.
(random story) I remember purchasing Bonne Belle nail polishes when I was in Elementary school. I actually remember when I was 5th grade I was painting my nails with a gold glitter Bonne Belle scented nail polish (that smelled like Pinneapple) during Art class while our teacher was giving us instructions. Everyone was surrounding the teacher at a table, while I was all the way in the back knealed down with my little nail polish. I suppose because it was scented, the smell drifted through the air and the teacher got up right away & questioned what the smell was. Well, he caught me red handed and I was punished by sitting in the hallway for the rest of the period. I remember him being completely mind boggled and telling me “In all of my years of teaching… no one has ever painted their nails during my class”. Haha! That’s my little fun memory I think of when I see scented nail polish.
Anyway, while I was at CVS – I spotted a sale sign for all of Revlon’s Nail Polishes. The price is $3.99 for a bottle, and you get $3 extra bucks at checkout. Meaning, at checkout you pay $3.99 but a $3 off coupon will print on your receipt that you can use on your next purchase on anything in the store. So in the end, it’s like paying 99 cents for the bottle of nail polish. Sweet deal. 
I decided on Gum Drop, which is a pastel purple perfect for the Spring. I’ve never really been “keen” on purple nail polishes, but there’s something about these light, pastel lilac colors that I love. The formula is fine. It’s very sheer, so It was necessary for me to apply 3 coats. I never apply 3 coats of nail polish, but I had to with this one. It didn’t take forever for my nails to dry, which I was worried about and by the 3rd coat, I had no streaks & no nicks.
I really like this polish & will be using it again soon!

19 thoughts on “NOTD: Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in #325 Gum Drop!

  1. I never tried scented nail polish! Frankly I didn't know they existed hahaha. The colour looks totally cute on you. I love pastel purple, they take up most of my nail polish collection! xo


  2. that's so pretty!! pastels are coming back for spring! I love those colors!! this one kinda reminds me of OPI's do you lilac it? or done out in deco… two of my faves from that brand…


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