Review: Foxy Locks Extensions!

 If you guys haven’t heard of Foxy Locks Extensions by now, it’s a company founded by the lovely Imogen, that specializes in hair extensions (as well as a few other products ie: false eyelashes, hair pieces).

(Photo Credit:
Imogen is a 22 year old blonde bombshell from the UK, who is an ultimate fashionista with great knowledge of styling hair & hair extensions. She creates lots of celebrity hair looks on her youtube channel as well as reviews beauty products on her blog. She’s very down to earth, and a total sweetheart! You can view her youtube channel (Foxy Locks Extensions) by clicking here and her blog (Imogen Foxy Locks) here

About Foxy Locks Extensions:
  • Foxy Locks Extensions offers 120 grams to 160 grams of hair per package, whereas many other sellers only offer 70-80 grams of hair. Which means you get a lot more volume and value for your money.
  • Foxy Locks Extensions prices are on average, 30 to 60 dollars cheaper for the quality of hair you are receiving.
  • Foxy Locks Extensions provides 100% human remy hair that have been specially processed so that they can be professionally colored and cut to match your needs.
  • Foxy Locks Extensions are washable and can be styled with heat appliances (as it is real hair)

Foxy Locks Extensions has two choices of hair to pick from. There is a 120 gram pack (better suited if you just want added volume or if you have fine/thin hair & aren’t going to need as much hair) or a 160 gram (deluxe) pack (better suited if you have thick hair). Both sets contain 10 pieces and come in a variety of 12 shades.
I have the 160 gram deluxe pack, which contains:
One x 8″ wide with 4 clips
One x 7″ wide with 4 clips
Two x 6″ wide with 3 clips
Two x 4″ wide with 2 clips
Four x 1″ wide with 1 clip
The shade I picked is #2 Darkest Brown and it matches my hair perfectly. Even though you can color human hair extensions, I always prefer to find Extensions that carry a close color match to my hair so I won’t have to go through the trouble of dying them. What I like is that the extensions aren’t just plain, dull brown. If you look at them in the light, you can see there are lots of natural highlights – which makes the hair look healthier, shinier and more REAL! My natural hair has the same natural hues. 

My experience with extensions (in general): In the past, I’ve tried several different brands of extensions. I have tried Sassy, Satin Strands, Euronext & Jessica Simpson (Ken Paves) Hairdo Extensions (human hair as well as synthetic). I was never really happy with any of them – except for Euronext. BUT, I wasn’t completely satisfied with Euronext because all of the hair provided in one pack, wasn’t enough for me and in order for it to blend in well with my hair, I had to trim the extensions significantly. Which in result, defeated the main purpose of me wearing extensions because I wanted added length. I wasn’t going to spend $200 on two packs of hair. Sometimes I would mix some of my other (inferior) extensions in my hair to even everything out. The reason I stopped wearing extensions is because around the time where I started blogging, I decided to ditch my extensions and try taking better care of my hair. Eventually, my hair grew to the point where even if I wanted to wear extensions, the ones I previously wore were shorter than my own hair. Recently, I started thinking about extensions again – as I’m super bored with my hair right now. I was really ecstatic to give Foxy Locks a try.
Don’t you love opening up a new pack of extensions? It’s like that “Aaaaaahhhh” moment. The same moment you buy a new bottle of foundation or pressed powder. Haha, love that. I’ve only worn Foxy Locks Extensions around 3 or times so far. All of which times, I’ve worn them curled or waved a bit. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post – I’ve been lacking lately, and haven’t worn much makeup or styled my hair in the past couple of weeks. 
Even though I haven’t been wearing them every day, I’d like to share my thoughts about them so far. 
  • Like I mentioned, the color match is perfect for me, down to the natural highlights.
  • The hair is soft & shiny, but it’s not overly shiny where it doesn’t match my hair’s natural shine.
  • They hold a curl well. I put that in bold because I can’t stress that enough. I’ve had extensions (Yes, Satin Strands.. I’m talking about you) that I tried curling and hair spraying to a crisp and they would always fall flat within a couple of hours and look like long strands of horse hair falling from the layers of my hair. Terrible!!! Not a pretty sight. This was really the test that was going to determine if I was going to like these extensions. I curled them right away with my flat iron and (sigh of relief).. they passed the test of not falling flat all night. Even after combing through them a few times through the night. They actually hold the curl exceptionally well with the flat iron. I haven’t tried using a curling iron or rollers yet.
  • They look natural. The times I’ve worn them, my friends didn’t notice right away that I was wearing them until my one friend pointed out that my hair looks like it got longer and then I told her I was wearing extensions. I love that the ends of the extensions actually look like real ends. I’ve had extensions that have stringy ends and extensions with very thick ends. The ends of these are thinned to blend in better and fall naturally like your real hair.
  • There is lots of hair. I have thick hair, and I don’t even need to use the whole pack.
  • The clips are good quality. I’ve had extensions with bad quality clips that would feel loose, and I’d have to adjust them every once in a while. I’ve also had clips that are very strong, that would put strain on my roots and pull tightly.. those give me headaches. These clips are great.

The only photos I have wearing my extensions were from my March 2nd post (here)… In these photos I’m wearing almost the whole pack, minus the four 1 inch pieces and one of the 4″ inch pieces. I could of gone with a bit less, but I wanted my hair to look very full, which it did. I had also curled them using my flat iron.

So overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my extensions. You’ll be seeing me wear them much more often. I’ll also keep you all updated with my thoughts about them after continued use.
Have any of you tried these out? Tell me what you think about them in my comments below!
UPDATE: I find that these extensions tangle really easily and tend to look knotted when wearing them. I still prefer Euronext as my top extensions choice.

34 thoughts on “Review: Foxy Locks Extensions!

  1. Uuugggh you always give me such hair envy!! Even when I know some of it's fake! LOL You just pull it off WELL! They do look awesome!! Also, wanted to let you know I've started a blog recently and I added you to my blogroll!! Thanks for being awesome!! 🙂


  2. I'm very lost in the extension world…I was wondering if Foxy Locks not only made clip in hair extensions, I'd like to get the sewn in extensions and I'm totally unaware, please help?!


  3. I have purchased foxy locks and at first I was very pleased however after continued use I felt they tangled really really easily, and didnt blend so well, was quite disappointed as they are meant to be remy hair. I am an expert with the use of clip in hair extensions and usually buy expensive remy hair and sew the clips in myself and they last a long time,with out tangling or loosing their shine and bounce. (I was wash my extensions every other week.) I use clip in hair everyday and for me foxy locks just did not last long enough (4 weeks). I think they suit people who would wear them once in a while.


  4. The company are an absolute rip off they posted my items twice wrongly my order was for 100 pound sterling and they will not refund my money. Its been over a month since I ordered and they will not refund my money please please do not order from them


  5. I have been wanting to buy them for a while now. My mom is planning to buy them for me next month. i am 13 years old and i have been wearing extensions for about 2 years now and i have been hearing really good things and some bad but im just gonna look past them and try them for myself! 😀


  6. wow they look gorgeous on you!
    i just got mine and i looove them! after watching the youtube videos and seeing the brand owner i thought these were the best to get. i'm having them cut a bit to blend in with my hair better but so far i am extremely happy with them. they match my hair colour perfectly aswell which is good. i wont be wearing them all the time, so hopefully they will last me a bit longer, especially if i look after them 🙂


  7. Yeah Im not too happy with mine. I wash every other week and wear 5-6 days a week and I'd say after about 2 washes (one monthish) they had started to tangle very easily, shed like a mother and don't hold curl near as well as the first time. They are very thick and beautiful when you first get them but the first day I wore them I was envying it in my hand and noticed a very dark thick strand that looked synthetic and low and behold it was. I sprayed some heat protectant on it later and used a flat iron on them, when I pulled it through to the end there was a few melted strands on my flat iron. I figured that maybe it was just a lost piece of something used to make the extensions and didn't worry too much about it. I don't really do much for straightening or curling them because I didn't want to dry them out but every single time I do I find melted strands and just a little bit of smoke smell. That's not hair, hair doesn't melt. NOT happy for what I paid. I'm pretty sad because I love the colors they have and they did look SOOO good when they came out of the package, but now I'm on the prowl for something better. Any suggestions? I like them to be at least 160g.


  8. Hey lady can you reply to this one what made euronex your fave thats what i have BUT i feel they are too thin? are these thin? do they tangle really bad? do they hold up well when washed and do the clips clip as well are euro i love euro just wish they were thicker


  9. hello! I just got my foxy locks two days ago and i tried them on straight away. They are really long and quite soft and silky and they looked sooooo natural which is great BUT when i took them out to put them back in properly i found the ends where really stringy looking and the next day they looked even worse. Very dissapointed as i spent 104 euros on them BUT hoping im gonna wash and condition them now and hope they look better when im done.


  10. Not all od them are perfect keep that in mind. Mine I received yesterday in packet they looked great but one I opened them where was lots and lots broken hair, so much of grey hair…. And the texture…. Very frizzy and now way to create smooth look as I expected


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