Guerlain Terracotta Brunette 02 Light Sheer Bronzing Powder Review!

guerlain brunette bronzer

Guerlain Terracotta Brunette 02 Light Sheer Bronzing Powder

Product Description: Whether you’re a fair blonde or a dark brunette, you’ll love Guerlain’s newest formulation of classic, sun-kissed powder. Ideal for all skin types, this ingenious mosaic of five shades of compact powder includes a complexion highlighter to create a natural-looking glow.
Brunette 02 is a bronzing powder with a mosaic of five warm shades. There are three matte colors, a medium milk chocolate brown, a deep brown & a bronzed brown (terracotta). The other two colors are highlighting shades that contain frost/shimmer. One is a frosted peach and the other has a bronze base with golden shimmer. When all of the shades are smoothed together, the result is a warm bronze terracotta with a slight sheen. The shimmer is very natural and isn’t very prominent when on the cheeks. 

guerlain brunette bronzer

guerlain brunette bronzer

Below, is the bronzer swatched on my hand. I applied it lightly on the left & a little heavier on the right. Applied lightly, it is a light golden bronze – perfect to add a little warmth to the face. Applied heavily, the bronzer gives much more of a bronze terracotta tone.
Left: Brunette 02 Bronzing Powder applied lightly, Right: Applied heavily. (Lighting: Indoors, sunlight)
(Lighting: Indoors, flash)
I received this bronzer in a swap earlier in the week and I’ve been using it for the past couple of days and I really like it! I’ll be updating this post as I wear it to let you know what my thoughts are.
Have you tried any Guerlain bronzers? How did/do you like them?

10 thoughts on “Guerlain Terracotta Brunette 02 Light Sheer Bronzing Powder Review!

  1. Oooooooooooo *droolz*
    I've only really tried one item from Guerlain but it was really love. I'm not a huge bronzer user but wow this is beautiful.
    I'm currently using a Rimmel one…gotta save up for a Guerlain 🙂


  2. I've never tried a Guerlain bronzer but I've heard that they're some of the best ones on the market and I've been lusting over them for such a long time! This one looks gorgeous!


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