NOTD: Wet N Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish in Grey’s Anatomy.

Three (3) coats of Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy, No Top coat
Gray’s Anatomy #237C, is a silvery gray with light purple and green pearly undertones. Depending on the lighting and angle, Grey’s anatomy can appear as a silvery light purple or a silvery green. I notice in lower light, the purple is very prominent and when I bring my fingers in the sunlight, the green shows much more. It’s slightly holographic, and reminiscent of the colors you may find inside a seashell. 
As for the polish itself, because it’s a pearl, you have to be careful when applying it, because it shows all of your brush strokes once the polish is dry. A base coat may be a good idea for a smooth application. The polish is incredibly sheer, and to build the color to it’s full opacity, you’d need three coats minimum. This polish claims to be dry in 60 seconds, but I think it takes a bit longer than that. After a couple of minutes, I tested it out and touched my nail and was able to make a fingerprint. So, I wouldn’t compare this at all to OPI. I applied three coats, and although the color wasn’t completely opaque, it was alright. I don’t think I waited long enough between coats, otherwise the outcome may of been better. The finish is quite dull, so a top coat is very necessary.
I personally, didn’t care for the color at all. I’m usually only go for creme formula polishes, and skip out on any frost or pearl finish polishes. But, I thought I’d try something new, that looked a bit interesting. In the end, I should of stuck with my instincts. I ended up removing this polish from my nails after I took the photo. It just reminded me of something I would of worn with a mood ring when I was in 5th grade. haha! Don’t let my opinion effect yours though, this shade is actually very popular and many love it! It’s actually a cheaper dupe for OPI “Not like the Movies” nail polish from the Katy Perry collection. 

(Sorry my blog has been turning into a nail blog lately, lol)
What do you think of this color???

12 thoughts on “NOTD: Wet N Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish in Grey’s Anatomy.

  1. I bought this because it looked pretty in the bottle, but hated the formula and wear of the polish itself. I tried another one by Wet N' Wild “Buffy the Violet Slayer” and though the colour is BEAUTIFUL, the formula is garbage :S


  2. i personally love this color! i saw your swatch and thought it looked just like 'not like the movies' and then i saw your mention of that at the end of the post haha.


  3. Wet N Wild is one of those brands that gives you exactly what you pay for…it's inexpensive, but it's hardly ever a good value. The only product I really like of theirs is the waterproof eyeliner pencil. I'm planning to do a review on it, come check it out at!

    <3 Ali


  4. Cheryl♥ – Yeah, I'm a little iffy when it comes to “lower end” nail polishes because I hate taking the time to do my nails for them to chip/smudge so easily!

    socialitedreams – LOL “android”.. thats too funny! Thats what I thought too.. and it's why it took me a couple of months to actually wear it. I finally filed my nails down so they aren't so long.


  5. I've used several Wet 'n Wild products through the years, some were better than others. I've never been disappointed with their polishes. I hate OPI. If I had a choice between the two, I'll pick WnW over OPI every time. I love the way this color looks. I'll have to try it soon.


  6. I like wearing this color as a top coat over a darker color, like deep purple… it adds dimension and doesn't show the streaks as much as if you were trying to build opacity with Grey's Anatomy alone.


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