Week 1: Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel! + Photos!

 It seems that after Latisse came on the market, tons of companies came out with lash “boosting” products. Or maybe they always existed, but once Latisse became heavily advertised, many brands (many of which are less expensive) came out with similar products that were just as effective. I personally, found it a bit overwhelming and never went through with purchasing a lash serum, despite the fact that I’m dying to have longer lashes. I was always a bit nervous to try a product like Latisse, because I have sensitive eyes and many reviewers have mentioned that their eyes became very red and irritated for the first week, and some mentioned even longer periods of time. Well, with that said – it didn’t sound very appetizing to me to walk around with pink eye for how ever long that lasts.
A while back I purchased this little tube of Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator. When I say a while back, I’m talking over 6 months ago (easily). Back when I purchased it, I only used it about two times and tossed it in my cosmetic abyss. Why didn’t I continue using it? Well, laziness I suppose. I must admit, although I make sure to always take my makeup off at night, I’m guilty of not taking off my eye makeup at times. In order for me to keep up with using the treatment, I’d have to wash off my eye makeup every night. Which, at the time I wasn’t doing. The past month, I’ve been taking it off every night – as I’ve been following with my skincare routine very well. So it hit me earlier in the week to pull the tube back out and use it up.
I don’t have any “before” pictures, because I really didn’t expect this stuff to do anything for me. I was honestly only trying to finish it because I felt guilty for tossing it since I didn’t give it a legitimate try.
So, at night I apply it heavily to my eye lashes. Yes, emphasis on heavy. I apply it as if I’m applying mascara. I pack the product on the brush and comb it through my lashes, making sure to touch the base of my lashes. I coat my top lashes from underneath and on top. Then, apply a coat to my bottom lashes. In the morning, I wash my face and sometimes apply a less heavy coat before my mascara.
It’s now the end of the week, and I can’t believe it.. I am seeing results. Not huge, significant results.. But my eyelashes feel a lot better. My lashes aren’t that terrible. I mean, they’re incredibly flimsy.. and they’re not long – I’d say they are medium/average in length. When I touch them now, they don’t feel as flimsy – yes, they are still flimsy, but they feel a little bit stronger. Also, I usually apply a mascara base before my mascara.. and I haven’t all week and the past couple of days, my eyelashes (after mascara) look the same way they would look if I did apply a base. With my mascara, they look slightly longer than they did before. Again, it’s not significant enough where YOU may notice, but I definitely noticed.
So I’m convinced this is a good lash conditioner. It’s not something that would give you growth like a prescription product or more expensive product – So, I don’t think your expectations should be very high in that aspect. But, if you’re looking for a product that will help condition your lashes (if your lashes are flimsy, damaged from mascara, false lashes or lash extensions) this may be right up your alley.
I’m going to continue using this product until it’s finished and I’ll keep you updated weekly.
Makeupalley rates this a 3.9/5, with a 80% re-purchase rate. (click here to read reviews)
Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel retails for around $5 (give or take). It’s difficult to find in stores (around me at least), but you can find it for $3.99 a tube at drugstore.com.
I’m actually really hyped about this – and once I’m finished with this product, I’d like to actually try a more “intense” lash growth product. If you have tried any, I’d love your recommendations or any thoughts/opinions you may have in the comments below!!
Thanks so much, guys! ♥

12 thoughts on “Week 1: Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel! + Photos!

  1. I'm currently using the generic version of Latisse called Careprost right now (around 2 weeks) and haven't had any irritation or side effects yet. It's hard too see much length improvement yet, but I think products like this should be used for a while to see visible results. I'm looking for a lash conditioner as well to use in conjunction with Latisse because reviews say that lashes seem to break easier (maybe cause they're longer?).. I was thinking about trying this Ardell stuff out so I'm glad to see a review on it!! Luckily, it's pretty cheap so I'll definitely be trying it out as a moisturizing mascara base 🙂



  2. I love Latisse! If this stuff doesn't do the trick, try Latisse because I haven't had any bad side-effects and my lashes are very long and thick after just 4 weeks. This is my second time using it also. Hope this product works out good though cuz that's a nice price! 🙂


  3. My lashes have recently become thin, some have fallen out and it's starting to get depressing! 😦

    SO SO happy you did a review on this!
    You have such BEAUTIFUL lashes, and I can actually buy Ardell products here! Yay!

    Bonus 🙂



  4. Good to hear! I noticed today that the ends of my brows look thicker. My one bald patch isn't as noticeable either. Keep up the good work! Us readers appreciate it!


  5. I have been using xlash eyelash serum for at least 6 months now and my lashes are so thick and long, in fact when I was trying out a new mascara in a department store the other day the beauty advisor remarked on my eye lashes “you are so lucky to have such long long eyelashes”. Anyone can easily buy it from this company http://www.xlash.net/.


  6. I love Latisse and have seen the best results from it, but it can be a little pricey so I get my supply from LatisseDoctor.com They have reduced prices and sales every month so I save a lot of cash! Just a tip for anyone who loves Latisse or wants to try it! 🙂


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