NOTD: Neopolitan Colored Nails!

Last night I had attempted to do some tape designs with nail polish, inspired by Chloe’s Nails amazing designs, but it didn’t really work out for me. I picked the wrong choice of a nail polish, and no matter how long I left it to dry (even after a half hour and a few sprays of quick dry finishing spray & a fast dry top coat), each time I put a piece of tape on my fingernail, it lifted my polish off and I would have to redo the nail. Orly Cotton Candy is a gorgeous color, but not a huge fan of the formula. It’s the type of polish that dries like soft plastic and you can make dents in it a long time after it is dry.
So, my “tape design” was a complete fail and I decided to freehand what I envisioned. I love taupe and peach-pink together, so after two coats of Orly Cotton Candy, I applied Love & Beauty Taupe on an angle to the tips of my nails. Then, I applied a white line with a nail design pen and Wet n Wild glitter over the taupe & white line. Then, finished it off with Sally Hansen Insta’ Dri Top Coat. 
The outcome was okay, I wish the lines were more precise. I’ll be attempting to do this again but with a different polish, that dries faster.

6 thoughts on “NOTD: Neopolitan Colored Nails!

  1. That's so weird! I tried doing the same type of nail the other day too! I had the same problem!! I got so frustrated. I posted “nail polish fail” on Twitter and cried myself to sleep. LOL!



  2. Lacy – LOL, that IS weird! I was sooo frustrated! I thought maybe the tape is too sticky, but I stuck it to my face first so it wouldn't be as sticky, but it still happened. *sigh*


  3. That's so cool! You did an awesome job!! It looks like you had them done at a salon! A few nights ago I painted my finger nails in Orly Cotton Candy in two coats. I wait until the first coat completely dries before I apply the second one. After the second coat is dry I applied Seche vite Dry Fast Top Coat. It turned out good. I wanted to see if I could tell what you were talking about so I painted my toes last night. It went on fine again. What I do see on me is an application that goes on sheer almost sparse where I can see my nails. This formulation could use an update:) I agree, Essie is nice and OPI.


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