You can find this necklace at Aldo…

Hey Everyone!
Back in February, I posted a photo of myself wearing this long beaded necklace, and I received several messages where I purchased it. I own two of them, one is green and one is light blue. I purchased both of them from a trendy, wholesale store in Chicago (not sure of the name, but it’s on Clark & Wilson) and the selection of items always change. I searched online, as well as ebay for similar styles and couldn’t find any. 
So, today when I was browsing, I found the exact necklace!
 Yes, it’s silver and not gold – but it’s the exact same necklace. So if you were interested in purchasing it, you’ll be able to find it at Aldo. Click here.

13 thoughts on “You can find this necklace at Aldo…

  1. Hey Natty
    I do love your necklace.
    Can I make you a question?
    Your hair is so beautiful. What's the secret?
    Take care.

    Marta Araujo (Rio de Janeiro,Brazil)


  2. Hey natty
    I defiantly like the colors of the necklace you have a lot more. I love your outfit and your hair looks gorgous boo. 🙂


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