NOTD: Color Club Revvvolution (OPI My Private Jet’s Fraternal Twin) + Comparison!

Two (2) coats of Color Club Revvvolution & One (1) coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat.
Two (2) coats of Color Club Revvvolution & One (1) coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat.
Color Club Revvvolution is a glossy gunmetal with a fine holographic shimmer. Indoors (in dim lighting) the color appears as a gunmetal-black with fine silver shimmer. The holo is definitely noticeable, but it’s when your nails hit the sunlight, the rainbow holo shines in all it’s glory. What I love about this polish is that it’s not your mediocre black that contains holographic glitter. When this color is painted on you nails, it paints a sheet of holo on your nails. Your whole nail has the holo effect, not only just the glitter. (Hard to explain, but do you know what I mean? Basically, the glitter isn’t the star of the polish. The polish is the star.) Also, the formula is great. It’s a little thick though, but dries fairly quick and is opaque with one coat.
Some compare this to the very difficult-to-find OPI My Private Jet, the ORIGINAL version. The original “MPJ” was a beautiful black/gunmetal filled with holographic shimmer. Then, the formula changed to the one I have. Many reviewers hated the new formulation of MPJ, but it’s actually one of my favorite polishes. Of course the original was amazing, and I’ve hoped for over a year to score a bottle at some point, but Color Club Revvvolution comes as a close dupe.
Left: OPI My Private Jet, Right: Color Club Revvvolution
Top: Color Club Revvvolution, Bottom: OPI My Private Jet
Swatched on clear tape, Left: OPI My Private Jet, Right: Color Club Revvvolution
What’s obvious about Revvvoluion in comparison to MPJ is it has a true holo effect, while MPJ falls short. MPJ has less shimmer, and has a combination of micro-fine glitter and chunkier glitter. Revvvolution has purely micro-fine glitter. Revvvolution also appears a bit lighter in color – more pewter, whereas MPJ appears more black. Also, MPJ has that funky reddish purple pearl to it in the sunlight. 
I purchased my bottle of Color Club Revvvolution on eBay for around $6.

12 thoughts on “NOTD: Color Club Revvvolution (OPI My Private Jet’s Fraternal Twin) + Comparison!

  1. Pamster not logged in: Where did you score that gorgeous CC Revvolution color from Natty? I so must own that! They have another one from that collection I really must get my hands on too, do you have the Worth the Risque? I bet that one would look just as stunning on your nails as Revvolution does. Great post!


  2. I see now it was from ebay, I just wanted to say that I was lucky enough to find it and a couple others from Color Club at Victoria beauty and I wanted to share that with your readers. Sorry I didn't read the last line or I'd have seen it was from ebay. Do you have Worth the Risque and Fashion Addict? I bet those would look marvelous on your nails too. One last thing, what did you think of the formula of the Color Club polish? I hope its nice because I am waiting on my order and can't wait for it to arrive.


  3. Wow… Such a beautiful nail color. It make your nail more beautiful. Such an excellent black color and it also my favorite color. I attract by that. The both shades are amazing.


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