NOTD: Pastel Pink Nails with Love & Beauty Peach!

Love & Beauty Peach Nail Polish (2) Coats, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (1) Coat.
Love & Beauty Peach Nail Polish (2) Coats, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (1) Coat.

Love & Beauty Peach Nail Polish isn’t so much Peach as it is Pink. It’s an opaque, pastel pink with a warm (peach) undertone. Although I originally thought the polish was way too light for my skintone with one coat, with two coats, the color slightly deepens & looks much better (and less white). The formula isn’t bad, it applies a little streaky with one coat (as many pale pastels do), but with two coats, the color seems to merge together with no streaks. I think it’s a lovely shade for the Spring/Summer for most skintones. The color really brightens up my hands, which I really like.

I apologize that the majority of my NOTD posts are of Love & Beauty Polishes, but they seem to be the only nail polishes I own that I haven’t posted already (and that I’m not sick of). Also, you can find swatches of most OPI, China Glaze & Essie all over google, but the swatches for Love & Beauty Polishes are more limited. I think I’ll do a “mega post” where I’ll swatch all of the shades I own.


Here’s Rocky since his hair cut in the beginning of the week. I didn’t even know it was him when they brought him out to me. I was about to hop over the counter and knock someone out for trying to hand over an opossum instead of my little furball, but his new “do” seems to have settled nicely after a week, and he’s looking very handsome. 🙂

He always stops in his tracks when I ask him “Where’s Grandma?”

16 thoughts on “NOTD: Pastel Pink Nails with Love & Beauty Peach!

  1. oh my gosh your puppy is SO cute!! haha the first time i brought my puppy to the groomers, I didn't realize it was my pup either when they brought her back! LOL


  2. Hello Rocky!! You are so darn cute!! I want to reach in the screen and kiss his cute little face. Ahhh!

    This is probably my favorite color in LOVE & Beauty. Ok, I might say that alot:) I bought Essie Fuji as a dupe because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get my hands on more of this Peach. Funny, it's called peach but looks pink. A very pretty pink.

    I love your nails this length rather than longer. They looks fab!


  3. my rocky does the same thing when george asks “where's mama” haha

    the first time rocky cut his hair i seriously thought they swapped my dog with someone else's, to be honest i was so mad we cut his hair…now his hair will never be the same (happens to poms supposedly)

    your baby however is ADORABLE!!!! i still want to babysit him 🙂

    that nail polish is actually a great shade for your skin tone, glad it worked out!


  4. leahhg, sweetkiss, rose – Thank you!!! 🙂

    Francesca – It is lovely! It's a color you can't really get sick of. Haha, it is kind of like Pinch O Peach in polish form.

    elleovely – LOL! Seriously, they brought him out and she was like “Here's your little guy!” And I actually turned around to see if anyone was behind me. It was such a difference!

    Miss Cupcake – Thanks babe!! <3

    Odense dating – Thank you! 🙂

    Darlene – HAHA! He loves kisses! He's a spoiled little brat.

    Thats what stinks about F21, they always come out with new polishes and they don't always stock the previous shades. Was Fuji a good dupe? It looks very pretty! & Thank you! I actually prefer them shorter too because they are so easy to work with. Apply concealer is much easier and digging my fingers in my potted moisturizers is much easier with short nails.

    – susy – Haha, for sure! F21 doesn't label any of their polishes accurately anyway.

    Summer – Thank you so much! I'm glad you're following! 🙂

    Janine – Awww. Thats so precious. He always “freezes” whenever I say that. It's too cute.

    I was mad too! I literally made a scene.. which is completely not my personality to do so. They charged me $65 and I didn't even recognize him – and they were all very rude on top of it. I was sad for the way he looked at first. But now it's looking better. I didn't know that happens with Poms? What are you suppose to do then? I'm thinking of getting a pom so Rocky can have a companion.

    Ty love! You can babysit any time! haha


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