MAC Brown Down & Brun Eyeshadow Review, Swatches and Comparisons!

Have you ever hated a certain eyeshadow color, and then later on, you end up loving it? In the beginning of my blog, you may of noticed I used just about every color but brown. Now, brown seems to be all I wear every day and I can’t get enough of it!
I have several brown shadows, but every time I see a nice matte, super pigmented brown, my heart starts beating a little faster and I have to get my hands on it like a bad addiction. Yep. I’m never satisfied with the browns I have. I feel like there is always another undertone, another finish, better pigmentation.
This brings me to my lastest brown addition to my brown shadow family. MAC Brown Down and Brun.
Brown Down is a teddy bear brown with a veluxe finish.
Brun is a blackish-brown with a satin finish.

MAC Eyeshadows. Left: Brun (Satin) Right: Brown Down (Veluxe)
MAC Eyeshadows. Left: Brown Down (Veluxe) Right: Brun (Satin)
I love that Brown Down isn’t really anything like I have already. It’s a soft, pigmented, earthy red-brown. Because of the red tone, it’s an excellent color for my hazel eyes. Basically any red toned color will make green eyes really stand out. I’m sure I’ll be using it often in my crease and smudged on my lower lashline.
As for Brun, it’s a wonderful blackened brown with no red or yellow undertones. It makes for a great smokey eye or for a brow filler for brunettes. Many have trouble finding that right shade of brown to match their brows, that isn’t too golden, red or gray and this is perfect!

Here are some comparisons to some of the browns I own:

(CLICK FOR FULL SIZE) Left to Right: Nars Mekong, Nars Coconut Grove, Nars Bali, MAC Espresso, MAC Brun, MAC Brown Down, MAC Tempting, Urban Decay Twice Baked, NYX Dark Brown.
 Sadly, I lost two of my favorite brown shadows.. MAC Cork and Nars Galapagos. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have a bad habit of never closing my makeup bag or handbag, and I lose makeup once in a while. I’ll have to purchase back ups sometime in the near future.

13 thoughts on “MAC Brown Down & Brun Eyeshadow Review, Swatches and Comparisons!

  1. Hey doll! I have done that before, disliked a color after trying once or twice, later to find out I loveee it! Brown Down looks beautiful! ♥


  2. Brun is VERY pretty but I'm a little self conscious of the red undertones of my hair that I wouldn't wanna enhance them haha. I have olive toned fair skin and I've read over and over that supposedly olive skin goes with most colors but I find it really hard to find shadows I actually like. I tend to stray more towards the gray or taupe shades but usually stay away from light or metallic colors. I should probably experiment more to get rid of my eyeshadow consciousness!



  3. I go through phases with brown shadows, sometimes love them sometimes leave them. I'm totally into brown again, and yesterday after seeing MAC Espresso on your blog I totally went into frenzy wanting to buy it but didn't get the time to run to the shops. And now I'm craving Brown Down, it's unlike anything I own! You're a total enabler 🙂



  4. Brun is one if my favorite browns. I have every brown u swatched above except MAC's tempting and nyx dark brown. I wear browns mostly everyday. My favorite brown is Bali and I find that Brun is so similar that it can be Bali's darker sister. U should try MAC's coquette, I think it falls in the same family of browns, kinda lighter but with a cool tone. I can't resist matte browns either 🙂


  5. I am so in love with browns too. A great MAC eyeshadow to pair with “Brown Down” is “Mystery.” If you want to create a really nice smokey eye, use MAC “Bamboo” over your lid, MAC “Orb” has a highlighter” and then MAC “Brown Down” to contour and then in your crease MAC “Mystery” and you have a gorgeous eye. Either way, I think you should look into purchasing “Mystery.” You would love this brown!


  6. Oh I just got MAC Brun recently thanks to the sales lady who recommended it to me! Love it.

    I like noticeable crease colors, specially since I like to do quick neutral smoky eyes for going out. 🙂


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