Rocky – May 9, 2011

“What cupcake?”
“No more picture, please..”
“Are we done yet?”
 I’ve had a few requests for “Rocky” posts, so I decided to bring my camera out today.
 Me and George took Rocky out today for a little sunshine.. He loves being outside, but he barks at anything that moves. He hasn’t been around any other dogs, so when he sees another dog, he goes nuts. I’m hoping to arrange some play dates with Rocky and some other dogs, so he’ll feel a little more comfortable going for walks and seeing other dogs on the way. He also has a problem with seeing other people he doesn’t know. Even if they are hundreds of feet away, he’ll bark until he doesn’t see them anymore, and there’s no stopping him once he starts barking. I’m sure what he needs is obedience school, so he will obey when I say “No”, and know who he should and shouldn’t bark at. (Caesar Milan, are you reading this? haha) Any other ideas from pet owners? 
Rocky’s lovely Dad picked him up a doggie cupcake from Sprinkles cupcakes.. He’s so spoiled. He loved it!
“Mum Mum Mum”
Rocky will be 7 months old on May 12, he’s such a big boy now!

9 thoughts on “Rocky – May 9, 2011

  1. Hey Natty! My dog went to obedience training about two years ago and the trainer showed us that when the dog starts barking you should have small snacks at hand and just feed them to the dog one by one convincing the dog to pay attention to YOU and not whatever its paying attention to by barking. 😛 You may wanna try that but obedience training is pretty awesome cause it kinda forces you to work with your dog and not blow it off for later! Just ALWAYS keep snacks around. BTW your dog is SO cute!!!



  2. Oh my gosh Rocky is adorable! I remember when you first posted his photos, he was such a little baby he grew up so much! I think you need to correct him when he starts barking out of nowhere. My dog Muffin doesn't bark unless someone comes close to me. When he barks, you need to say a very firm NO and when he stops reward him by saying good boy or whatever you tell him when he does something right. You can also pat him and say good boy. Another thing you can do is carry training treats with you and give him one when he stops barking. If he doesn't stop, he doesn't get the treat. My dog will turn 2 years in August, and we didn't have to take him to obedience classes but we've been really trying hard to make sure who knows who the boss is. There is a lot of information online and even on Youtube, check them out 🙂


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