NOTD: Taupe + MAC 3D Glitter!

While browsing Makeupalley, I came across photos some really cool holographic polishes. One in particular, Catherine Arley Nail Polish in #669 really caught my interest. It’s a beautiful pale gold/taupe holographic. Unfortunate for me, it’s a polish that’s incredibly difficult a hold of, so I attempted to create my own.
I first started with applying two coats of a light taupe nail polish (CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer in the shade “Love That Milky Way”) and then with a clear nail polish I dipped the brush in a small amount of MAC 3D Glitter and applied it to each nail. Then, I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat. 
I don’t think I’ve ever had this much glitter on my nails.. haha! It’s extremely sparkly and looks really pretty under bright lighting. I think I’ll be trying it out with some other colors as the base.. maybe a little less glitter. If you have MAC 3D Glitter Pigment, you should definitely do some experimenting with it! Since the glitter is very fine, it didn’t leave my nails feeling bumpy or gritty. Fine glitter tends to work much better than chunky glitter – you can find many varieties at your local craft store (or MAC Pro). Then, all you do is mix the glitter with any clear based nail polish and you’ll have your own custom glitter polish! (Click here for a ehow tutorial on how to make glitter nail polish)
Do you have any favorite holographic nail polishes? Share in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “NOTD: Taupe + MAC 3D Glitter!

  1. That's a beautiful outcome! I love all things sparkly, and holographic polishes are my favorite. My absolute favorite holo's are GOSH Holographic and Nfu Oh #61, both of which are basically dupes for one another and very hard to get ahold of. For a scattered holo polish, I love Claire's Glitter Top Coat (it's silver with scattered holo glitter). I have a holo polish addiction 🙂


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