NYX Round Lipstick in the Shade "Hermes"

NYX Round Lipstick – Hermes
NYX Round Lipstick – Hermes
NYX Hermes is a creamy browned, neutral shade. It has a slight pink – and I almost even want to say red tone, but there really isn’t any red in this lipstick. On my lips, it appears a very neutral brown, absent of any yellow tones. Although it isn’t at all flattering against my skintone when applied straight from the tube, it’s much more wearable for me when my lips are blotted with a tissue, leaving a soft line around the edges. It reminds me a bit of MAC Stripdown Lipliner (which is one of my favorites). From the various photos I came across searching Google, Hermes is a favorite nude shade among those with a deep skintone. On deeper skintones, the pink tone in this lipstick is much more visible.
The formula of this lipstick is smooth and opaque with a semi-shiny/satiny finish.
NYX Hermes swatched on my bare lips.
This wasn’t a shade I would of normally picked up, but I received it in a swap, so I decided to post about it! Like mentioned, it’s a fabulous shade for deep skintones and it works out well for me blotted, or as a lip liner. 
What are some of your favorite NYX Lipsticks?

10 thoughts on “NYX Round Lipstick in the Shade "Hermes"

  1. What brand and color hair dye did you use for your hair in that picture? Super pretty where the sun is hitting it.


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