Olivia & Joy Fringe Handbag!

Olivia + Joy New York – Outburst Fringe Flap 
Style # OJ44026-000-BKA
Suggested Retail $78
I actually got this handbag as a birthday gift, and I love it. It was purchased at Loehmann’s for $39.99. I did track this bag down, and it’s still available on the Olivia & Joy website for $55. (click here)
The Outburst Fringe Flap is a small, synthetic hobo handbag with a large flap of fringe with metal embellishments. I was drawn to this bag right away as I loved the trendy fringe and edgy silver metal details. I also like the fact that at the top of the chain strap, there is a thick leather piece, which makes it comfortable for wear on the shoulder. It’s not really a bag that I can toss everything in, but it fits my cosmetic bag, wallet and cell phone pretty good. I think it’s the perfect accessory to add some funk into a plain outfit.
Celebs sporting trendy fringe handbags
Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Mary Kate Olsen
Also, from Loehmann’s I got this amazing trendy, rhinestone agate ring. I love the abstract shape & the rhinestone outline. I love wearing large, statement rings – They are pretty much a no brainer when you can’t figure out which necklace, bracelet or watch you want to wear with your outfit. Just toss on a ring or two! The brand is Robert Rose and it was on clearance for $9.98.
What are some of your favorite places to shop for handbags and accessories?

12 thoughts on “Olivia & Joy Fringe Handbag!

  1. Forever 21 has the best jewelry for the price! I have so many statement pieces from huge unpolished crystal rings (so in this season) to classic silver boho bangles. I love the variety and price range!

    – Mj



  2. Nice! I like that ring!!! I get great pieces at Forever21.. but unfortunately I have to usually get them online because my local stores don't carry a wide selection of jewelry.



  3. I just got this Olivia + Joy crossbody bag, I am gonna use it has a clutch, I was trying to find it online, the 1st link on Google was your blog. Still can't find the bag I bought though. Happy belated birthday! Olivia + Joy, they are my new bag crush. I love the one you were gifted.

    xo $ARMIN


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