Review: Clairol Nice & Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color in Medium Brown!

Clairol Nice & Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color
(#5 Medium Brown)
The kits contents.
Makeupalley rating of 3.3/5 based on 287 reviews, with a 56% re-purchase rate. (view here)
As you may already know, I dye my hair every month (sometimes I skip a month or two) with Clairol’s Natural Instincts Brass Free Brunettes Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Medium Brown. Prior to that, I was using whatever was on sale and from the looks of the box, wouldn’t turn my hair orange or black. It was usually a hit or miss – the majority of the time was a miss. I would use Dark Brown dyes, with the anxiety of possibly leaving it in too long or not leaving it in long enough. (I’ve ended up with jet black hair twice by leaving it in too long.) Other dyes would leave my hair color a brassy brown that would fade to a medium auburn after a couple of months. Medium brown is all I ask for!! Anyway, I loved that Clairol Natural Instincts Brass Free Brunettes didn’t cause my hair to go too dark or have any terrible orange tones. Even though the color was spot on, it didn’t do a good job covering my white hairs. My hair would be an awesome, rich medium brown and I’d have my platinum white hairs shining though my bangs like nobody’s business. So, I thought I’d look elsewhere in the world of drugstore hair dye.
Clairol Perfect 10 sounded like what I needed – 10 minutes to develop, with 100% gray coverage. 
It’s your standard box dye – it comes with the application tube that contains the color activator & the color creme, an instruction booklet with plastic gloves and a deep conditioner. It also has a snazzy comb applicator that you can screw on the tube. I like that you don’t have to use the comb if you don’t want to. You can just toss it and use the squeeze tip like a standard hair dye. I actually like the comb, but for precision root application, I think the traditional way works best – Run the product down your roots and blend with your fingertips or a fine tooth comb.
Since I don’t have that many white hairs (yes, they are white. snow white. they aren’t gray) just a small family of them in one area, I used the comb applicator and ran the dye through the top of my head and worked it with my fingers down the strands to blend the color in with my hair, then placed my hair in a bun.
I waited 10-12 minutes and washed and conditioned my hair. I then used my NuMe flat iron the following morning to curl my hair.
My hair color didn’t change all that much from before, but it does appear a bit warmer. It appears to have a slight mahogany tone in the light. My hair looks shiny and healthy and doesn’t feel dried out.

100% gray coverage? No. 96% to be exact, as I still can see about 4-5 hairs that aren’t white anymore, but are a light golden. I was a little upset about that, because they are the most visible ones as they are at top of my bangs. Maybe they are what you call “stubborn grays” and need around 20 minutes. Oh well. I do like the outcome anyway, and I probably will purchase this dye again because of the ease of use.
After I dyed my hair using #5 Medium Brown.

**Before tossing the box, rip the top of the box off to remember the brand and shade in case you like the final outcome!

10 thoughts on “Review: Clairol Nice & Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color in Medium Brown!

  1. I just photographed this to do a review the other day LOL my hairs the black and I left mine on for 20min instead of 10 and it made me hair feel really candycotton like and dry so I wouldn't recommend doing that LOL also it made a small bit of hair fall out thankfull nothing noticeable but i wasnt impressed x


  2. Thanks for this review! I commented before that I was wondering how a box dye product would cover gray (white) and this one sounds pretty decent. I'm so tired of over paying at the salon!


  3. I've got platinum grays as well, and are they difficult to cover! I get my roots done every 5 weeks at a salon – it's that bad! If I'm desperate, I'll use Nice N' Easy Root touchup in Medium Golden Brown – it's pretty good – even my stylist says so!


  4. – LOL OMG – that's terrible! I used the same dye on my boyfriend's Mom and thank goodness I didn't leave it on longer.. I was thinking about it!

    Lou – Thank you!! I know, It completely boggles my mind and my friends/family. My parents claim it isn't hereditary.. so I don't know. It definitely can be stress.

    Gaby – The applicator is a little gaudy, but you can use the bottle without it! I did it that way as well and it worked a little better.

    JC & MW – Thank you!!!

    Nikosmommy – It isn't bad.. I used it on my boyfriends Mom and it worked on her grays very well. I didn't use the brush head on her hair and I used it on mine.. maybe I was better off not using the brush. I will most likely try it again. And yeah, I totally agree with using boxed dye! I'll only go to the salon if I'm going for a drastic change that I may not be able to achieve myself.

    Jamilla – I think that's what I'll have to do pretty soon as well – It seems like there are new ones popping up every month! Thanks for the rec – I'm going to try that out next time!

    Brown Sugar – Hi dear! Aww, thank you 🙂


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