Forever 21’s Love & Beauty Face Illuminator! (Plus a few other goodies)

Pictured above: Forever 21 Glitter & Hearts Cosmetic Bag (sold out on website), Forever 21 Cameo Stud Earrings (here), Forever 21 Rhinestone Pyramid Ring (here) and Forever 21 Face Illuminator (here).
Whenever I go to Forever 21, I don’t think I ever leave empty handed. If I don’t find clothes, I always find at least one accessory I can’t put down or a really reasonable priced beauty item.
While I was at the mall yesterday, I ended up purchasing a few goodies. One in particular I’m really excited about, is the Love & Beauty Face Illuminator.
The Face Illuminator is a creamy, opalescent liquid that can be used all over the body as well as the face. It comes in two shades; Gold and Bronze. I ended up picking Gold, which I thought was an absolute must-have. Bronze was pretty as well, but it seemed like a very basic golden shade with gold reflects. Gold on the other hand, is a sheer milky peach with a bright pink pearl. It reminds me a bit of Benefit Moon Beam, a product I’ve always wanted to try, but I don’t own it, so unfortunately I can’t compare them. It also reminds me a bit of MAC Pink Bronze Pigment or MAC Light Flush MSF because the pink reflects are the same, but this face illuminator is much more sublte.
The consistency is pretty thin, similar to the consistency as Benefit High Beam, but slightly thinner. It’s very easy to blend out with your fingers, and can be built for a heavier glow. The effect can be subtle, to however you want it to look. I’m in love with the color and I think it’s a product I’ll be using often to pat on my cheeks as a highlight. It can also be mixed in your favorite lotion to add a glowy sheen to your skin. Although, I bet the shade Bronze would work better for that since it’s golden, whereas Gold has pink reflects, that would work best on the face. Lastly, I love the packaging of the product. It comes in a sturdy, thick plastic tube with a pump (a pump is always a plus). And, you get a whopping 1.67 oz of product for $5.80. I’m just crossing my fingers that the pump won’t clog up and stop working – an often mishap with lower end items.
Here it is applied heavily to my hand and then blended out. As you can see, once blended the sheen becomes much more subtle.
Here’s a closer look at the ring I purchased. I thought it was way too cute to pass up!
Any awesome beauty finds you’d like to share?? Let me know in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “Forever 21’s Love & Beauty Face Illuminator! (Plus a few other goodies)

  1. Ohhh I love illuminators! I just bought Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator in Pink Light at Walgreen's for less than $4 on clearance, and to me it seems like a dupe for High Beam. (They have other shades too, so maybe another would be a dupe for Moon Beam?) Anyways, I love it and wish I would've picked up the other shades as well!


  2. Thank you everyone for commenting!

    Suburb Chic Blog – I've seen them at a glance, but I have never swatched any of them. I just googled it though, and you're totally right. It does have that similar peachy-pink glow.

    Emily – I saw those on Clearance as well and was debating whether to pick one up or not! If you love it, I may go back then and check if they still have some left!

    D.Sadie – Yep! It must be a new product because I've never seen it there before.

    Notcathy – No shimmer other than the pink pearl!


  3. Suburb Chic – Yep! Since this one has that pink hue though, I'll mostly be using it on my cheeks and lightly on the bridge of my nose. For illuminators like High Beam, I use it on the heights of my cheekbones blending across my bone, the middle of my forehead, along the bridge of my nose, brow bone and inner corners of my eyes.

    I'll have to check that Smashbox out then!!


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