MAC In Synch Lip Liner Review, Photos and Swatches!

MAC In Synch Lip Liner

MAC In Synch Lip Liner

MAC In Synch Lip Liner is described on the MAC website as a bright, yellow pink. In Synch was first launched in MAC’s ‘Too Fabulous Collection’ and then re-launched in the recent ‘Quite Cute Collection’

The color is indeed a yellow toned, bright peach-pink. When swatching the lip liner in the store, I automatically thought it would be a fabulous liner to pair with many of my favorite coral-pink and peach-pink lipsticks. MAC Shygirl, perhaps? 
Upon bringing my nifty new purchase home, I realized the color is much lighter than I thought it was. Darn that tricky department store lighting! I thought it would be something like Illamasqua Obey in Lip Liner, but there are absolutely no coral tones present in In Synch. In fact, the color is actually lighter than my lips.

MAC In Synch Lip Liner review
Speaking for myself, I don’t have a very distinct lip outline, so lip liner is a necessity for me. I typically like using liners that are a bit warmer than my natural lip color, or a color very similar (mocha, caramel pinks & nudes, etc.) Considering this shade is actually lighter than my lips, it’s not going to provide me with that slightly darker border for my lip that I like, but it does work well in a couple of other ways. It’s a pretty good color for those who wear very nude lip colors. If you like Creme d’ Nude, Myth or any similar shades, this may be a good choice for you for a subtle liner. It can also be applied slightly outside your natural lip line to give the effect of fuller lips. The lip liner itself, is a beautiful color and the way I like to wear it, is all over my lips, with a nude, pink or peach lip gloss over it. For my skin tone, it makes a great pinky-nude lip. When using this lip liner, I do suggest applying a coat of lip balm prior (or on top) as the texture is a bit dry.
Lined and filled my lips in with MAC In Synch and applied a thin coat of MAC Prr Lip glass on top!
In Synch has a Makeupalley rating of 3.7/5 based on 20 reviews, with a 60% re-purchase rate. (view here)
What mainly brought down the rating of this product mainly, is the formulation. A small handful of the reviewers complained that In Synch isn’t as creamy as other MAC lip liners and is drying on the lips. One of my favorite bloggers (Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog) just posted a review for this product as well and mentioned it’s a bit drying, but it hasn’t stopped her from wearing it continuously this past month.
Comparisons: MAC In Synch Lip Liner, MAC Myth Lipstick, Illamasqua Obey Lipstick & MAC Myth mixed over Illamasqua Obey. None of the shades are dupes for In Synch, but from the comparisons, you can get an idea of the depth of color. It is almost as light as Myth and just as vibrant as Obey.
Do you own this lip liner? What do you think of it?

6 thoughts on “MAC In Synch Lip Liner Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. It does seem like it would go on a bit dry but the color is way too adorable! I also need to use lip liners when wearing lipstick because my lips are not really defined :/

    Great post!


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