Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios Review!

Left to Right: Silent Treatment #335, I’m Getting Sunburned #334, Walking on Eggshells #380B.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios

Wet n Wild is a drugstore cosmetic brand that I’ve always been really familiar with. The first makeup items I ever owned, at the age of 12, were Wet n Wild. Throughout my adolescence, Wet n Wild was a brand I’d always go because it was convenient (sold at most drugstores) and the prices were always very inexpensive.
Throughout high school, I started to explore other brands and started to neglecting my Wet n Wild makeup. Many of the lipsticks were too frosty and the eye shadows were too sheer. In the past couple of years, Wet n Wild has really improved their quality and selection of products.
Aside from Wet n Wild’s awesome Mega Last Matte Lipsticks, their palettes have been causing quite a “stir” in the online makeup communities. Call me a “Makeup Snob”, but I was never really interested in purchasing any of the palettes myself, despite the rave after rave reviews I read. I think a big part of it is the flimsy packaging. I am a bit of a sucker for nicely packaged items, but the main reason Wet n Wild is able to keep their prices so low is because of their basic, mediocre packaging. I always assume that if I purchase a bronzer or eyeshadow, it will end up shattering in my purse and getting all over everything. Well, I put all of that to the side when I saw a 40% sale at my local drugstore and decided to splurge (yes, splurge a whole $5 bill) on a few palettes.
There are 12 different Color Icon Trios to choose from, and I ended up choosing the palettes that I figured are suitable for every day and go well together.
Left to Right: Silent Treatment #335, I’m Getting Sunburned #334, Walking on Eggshells #380B.
Silent Treatment #335 contains a light peach, a dark, neutral brown with golden shimmer and a mauve taupe. The most pigmented shade in this trio is the crease, and the least pigmented shade is the brow bone. All shades go extremely well together and I think it’s an overall great palette to put together a quick look.
I’m Getting Sunburned #334 contains a frosted, cool pink, a deep-dark warm brown with copper shimmer (a good dupe for NARS Mekong) and a frosted gold. All three shades are very richly pigmented and is probably the most pigmented of all three palettes. The brown in particular applied very dark – almost black, so you only need the lightest touch of your brush.
Walking on Eggshells #380B contains a frosty off white, warm caramel brown and a champagne pink. Again, all three shades are richly pigmented. This palette is a great palette for subtle every day looks, especially for the daytime and a work environment.
As far as the shadows themselves, they are very soft and smooth. They applied and blended together very easily. When using a sponge applicator or brush, quite a bit of dust was created from the shadows, so the compacts can possibly get a bit messy after continued use. Also, because they are so soft, I’d be scared to death of ever dropping any of the palettes on hard flooring. (Although I read that the Silent Treatment trio passed Temptalia’s drop test. Results will vary, I’m sure.)
I’m overall really satisfied with all three palettes and can’t wait to share some looks with them! Definitely give one a try if you’ve been undecided.

20 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios Review!

  1. I love that Wet n Wild offer such great quality at low prices – but it is true that you really have to be careful with them…my friend sent me silent treatment in the mail, and when it arrived, all the powder was loose dust….she bubble-wrapped it, and nothing had happened to the blushes (not wet n wild) that she had sent.

    I also had a wet n wild blush that I dropped – it cracked SO easily!


  2. I've always loved their pencil eyeliner, and I just keep hearing about(and seeing) the quality of their shadows! I'll have to pick up a palette next time I'm at the store.


  3. Oh the crease colour in I'm Getting Sunburned looks awesome! I love Walking on Eggshells – the lid colour is probably my favourite wash right now.


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