NOTD: Essie Van D’go!

Three (3) coats of Essie Van D’go, One (1) coat of Seche Vite Top Coat
Three (3) coats of Essie Van D’go, One (1) coat of Seche Vite Top Coat
Essie Van D’ Go is a bright, milky pink-peach. In the bottle, the color looks like a pastel pink, but it translates slightly different on the nails. It’s a bit brighter and more peach toned (or pink with a yellow tint) once it hits the nails. It may be a disappointment to some if you wanted the exact shade the bottle shows, but it’s exactly what I wanted. The color of Van D’Go, is actually my favorite color. It’s comes really close to Orly Cotton Candy, but Van D’Go is slightly lighter. (See Orly Cotton Candy here
As far as the formula goes, it applied a little streaky like many pastel polishes tend to do. Two coats was fine, but I had slight streaks on a couple of my nails, so I applied a third coat to all of my nails. With three coats, I had no streaks and the color was completely opaque.
It’s a very pretty shade for the summer and I’m loving it!
Do you own Essie Van D’Go? How do you like it?

12 thoughts on “NOTD: Essie Van D’go!

  1. this is actually one of the new polishes I just picked up by Essie – The colour came our a LOT darker on the nails than in the bottle but still love it! its a gorgeous colour for spring/summer


  2. I like this color, although I dunno if I'd be brave enough to wear on my fingers. On the topic of streaking, I find that Essie as a whole has a thinner formula which doens't coat well enough. Not my favorite brand; I prefer OPI.


  3. I love pink because it's my favorite color, now I have a question I'm kinda new to the nail polishes and I just like how yours end up. If you can be so kind to tellnme or make a video or pictures on how to make the nail polish look perfect because I try doing it and it's not good at all. Cute color though…<3


  4. Wow I really wanna check out the top coat you use. It always looks so glossy! I love how this color looks on you, it contrasts well with your skin color!


  5. I found this shade to be a dusky pale pink, true to the colour in the bottle, I may try adding an extra coat to give it a bit of oomph otherwise it looks like an grandma's shade of pink on me, I was so looking forward to wearing it to :/


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