Haul: Forever 21 Accessories!

Double Sided Heart Mirror – $4.80
Medium Face Brush – $2.80
Uneven Ring – $2.80
Vintage Spikey Bracelet – $7.80 (larger spikes)
Spike Bead Bracelet – $9.80 (small spikes)
Sunglasses – $5.80
Items that are still available on the website are click-able, and will re-direct you to the product page.
I’m pretty happy with everything. I lose stud earrings like there’s no tomorrow, so I always purchase cheap ones that I can always re-purchase and won’t feel guilty about losing. I’m excited to try out the face brush I purchased – it’s a domed/pointed foundation brush. I’ve always wanted a dome foundation brush and would eyeball the Sonia Kashuk one at Target when I walk though the cosmetic aisles. The bristles are super soft and I think it would be a good brush to blend my foundation in small areas (near my ears, nose, under my eyes, etc.) 
I thought these bracelets were pretty cool. Typically, I would of never picked these up (if I saw them at Hot Topic per say..) but because I can’t afford my much wanted Eddie Borgo bracelet, I had to have these. Isn’t it funny how fashion trends make you like something you would of never liked before?
Gunmetal Pave Cone Bracelet $1,150

25 thoughts on “Haul: Forever 21 Accessories!

  1. They are really cute especially the mirror I love it ❤ I've heard that there are pretty and cheap things at forever 21 but never believed it until now...gotta go star shopping there with my daughter hahaha XD


  2. JC – Isn't it cute!? I figured I had to have it. 🙂

    Dina – You MUST go! There are so many cute things all of the time. They seriously have new things in stock every day. The prices are very reasonable – and a lot of the jewelry is surprisingly good quality. In general, I like to stay away from anything that has a a bunch of rhinestones that are bound to pop out, or gold rings – they always change color within a couple of uses. I usually only buy silver or plastic rings from there and they're great!

    Sara – I bought the bracelets online, as I couldn't find them in the store. Although my friend did find the larger spike bracelet yesterday at the store (she got the last one, and it was brass/gold, not silver). Everything from this haul was purchased online except the sunglasses and earrings.

    MariaAndrea – o0o I haven't spotted any at H&M. Did you get it recently? Thanks! 🙂

    Thank you all for commenting! Glad you liked my little haul!


  3. Those spike bracelets are so cute, I think it is really funny when a trend makes me like something…I try so hard not to buy trendy pieces, I am one of those people that will only get a chance to wear something trendy once and then never wear it again. lol


  4. @Natalie- yess same here I think twice about bought spray gold because they tend to do that and smells weird with in a couple of days and also sticks to you skin…but the close by forever 21 is really empty I go there and can't find good things 😦


  5. You can never go wrong with Forever 21! There's always something I find and at a great price :). I love the edgy pieces you got Natalie!

    Drop my my blog! I would appreciate your feedback!

    Lots of love



  6. How did I miss this post?! I LOVE those spikey bracelets, especially the smaller spiked one! The larger spiked one looks really cool too but…dangerous? LOL.


  7. Jen – Ooh that's awesome!! I always snag their little three pair sets for $3.80.

    bettzy93 – Isn't it!? I've been using it every day and love it!

    Francesca – Aw , yay! I'm loving them.

    Alpha Blonde – I'm the SAME exact way. My friends think I'm crazy because I complain that I have no clothes. Most items in my closet are “trendy” items that I don't like anymore. It's like all bows, lace, puffed sleeves, studded shoulders, etc. I'm over all of that stuff now. I've started to realize it's much better having lots of every day clothes and only a few trendy pieces.. If you're like me that is.

    Alexandra – haha! Everyone loved the mirror! It's so much cuter than a standard one.

    Dina – Yeah – exactly! Aw, I'm fortunate enough to have a pretty good one near me. Many times though, I'll order online!

    Alex Kay – I agree! Thank you!

    Anita – Yep! I know some items are kind of “meh” quality – but I have lots of items that I've had for a few years still in perfect condition from there! Thank you – I'll check it out 🙂

    Anna Saccone – That's what I was thinking – a little leather jacket or military jacket maybe? I'll play around a bit with them. 🙂

    BeautyBehaved – Thanks! I'll check it out now!

    Kim – haha, ty!!

    Tiffany – LOL I know, right!? You can like put the spikes across your knuckles and use the bracelet as a weapon!


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