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 Hey Everyone! 
I was asking for ideas of what to post about, and someone suggested doing a “What’s in my Shower” post. I thought it would be a fun, quick and easy post, so here it is! Also, if you have any ideas for future posts, let me know in the comments!
CHI Ionic Color Protect Shampoo – I purchased this for a very discounted price at Marshalls. I always like trying out new Shampoos to find my “perfect one”, but I still haven’t seemed to come across one that I can’t live without. I thought this shampoo was very average – nothing I’d probably re-purchase.
One n’ Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask – I’ve used this mask for the past month, maybe more. I use it after I Shampoo my hair, typically 3 times a week, and I honestly don’t really see any difference in my hair. It has so many raves, but it just didn’t do anything for me. Another product I won’t be re-purchasing. 
Beyond the Zone Protein Cocktail – I usually spray this in my hair after I get out of the shower as an added leave-in. I’ve had it for a few months now, and I think it’s a decent product. I really like the scent, and it doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it looking greasy. I do think with continued use, it made my hair feel a little stronger. When I run out, I’ll probably try a different product though, and maybe only re-purchase if I find a great deal on it.
Kiss my Face Moisture Shave – This is my favorite shaving cream to reduce razor burn. It does really work! (See my review here)
St Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Wash – I really love this body wash – it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I have pretty dry legs, so this helps keeps them hydrated better than any other shower gel/soap I’ve used.
Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Refreshing Foot Scrub – I purchased mine at Marshalls, but they sell the whole line at Ulta. It’s a really great gritty exfoliating scrub. It’s for the feet, but I actually use it on my body prior to using self tanner, or to get rid of hard to remove self tanner. It’s my favorite exfoliate! Even though it’s harsh, it doesn’t dry out my skin.
Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Spray – I don’t really keep this in my shower, but I keep it on an outside shelf. Once I get out of the shower and dry myself, I spritz it all over my body. Yum!
Olay Pro X Cleansing System – I usually use this in the shower once I’ve cooked up a little steam. I’ll use it with whatever cleanser I have on hand, or African Black Soap. (See my review here)
Mr Pumice Pumice Bar – The one pictured is a brand new one I have on hand because I didn’t wanna show you guys the actual gross one I have in my shower. Once my feet are a little softened from the hot water. I’ll scrub the heck out of my heels with this to rid my feet of any dead skin. Everyone should own a Mr. Pumice!
African Black Soap – I usually take a shower at night while all of my makeup is on, so I’ll lather a little soap in my hands and wash my face with it – or use it with my Olay Pro X. (See my review here)
Massage Mitt – For extra exfoliation of my body. I like using these or exfoliation gloves as opposed to wash cloths or loofahs. It helps a lot with rough skin and in-grown hairs.
Venus Breeze Razor – I’ve always liked men’s razors better than women’s razors because they give a closer shave – but I ended up purchasing this Venus razor with an awesome P&G coupon I had, and I haven’t looked back since!
Are there any products in your shower you think I should try??! I’d love some suggestions of your favorite Shampoos and Leave in Conditioner!
I now tag the following bloggers to do this post! 
(Of course you don’t have to.. it’s just for fun!)

15 thoughts on “Tag: What’s in my shower?

  1. Woo hoo. Of course I will do this tag…My shower products are not nearly as exciting as yours. I've been using up EVERYTHING have have very little in there.


  2. Love the idea of this post! I want to recommend Aussie's 3 minute miracle leave in conditioner! It works great for me, leaving my hair super soft. It's only $3, try it and let me know if you like it. (:


  3. hey girl! i work at a hair salon and here's my faves:

    *its a ten miracle leave in conditioner — fave ever! a bit pricy, but it makes your hair super soft!

    *biolage hydratherapy — addicted to it! everyone i work with uses it…not good for thin hair because itll weigh it down, but amazing conditioner

    maybe youll try them!



  4. I love Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner. I have really long hair and the ends were dried out from flat ironing. This really helped to moisturize my hair and its gotten really silky now.


  5. Great post! I have the same problem with razor burn so I'm definitely going to check that out today. I used to have that foot scrub but never thought of using it on my body–I think I may give it another shot…thanks 🙂


  6. Ooo, what a great tag! I think my “What's in my Shower” post may be the most boring post known to man and put everyone to sleep, but I'll still try to do one soon anyway – thanks for tagging me! And I've always wanted to try that Olay face brush…good to know you're still loving/using it 🙂


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