My Top 9 Favorite Warm-toned Blushes!

favorite mac blushes

My Top 9 Favorite Warm-toned Blushes

Blush is one of my favorite things in the makeup world, and when it comes to purchasing a blush, I always seem to be drawn to warm colors. Your coloring plays the main role in what colors will flatter your cheeks the most – and because of my warm, medium-tan coloring, hazel eyes and golden brown hair, nothing quite flatters me like a warm, spicy bronze blush.

I’ve accumulated quite a few, swapped away several of them and held only onto my favorites. It’s a bit of a coincidence the majority of the blushes in my collection are MAC, but I really love MAC blushes and wish I could own them all!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite warm blushes!

favorite warm mac blushes

Blushes are in the same order as above photo. Clockwise from bottom right: Pleasureful Blushcreme, Coppertone, Eversun, Margin, Sunbasque and Gingerly.

Nars Lovejoy, MAC So Ceylon Mineralize Skinfinish and Make Up Forever HD Blush #10.

MAC MARGIN is a peachy red-pink with very fine multi-colored shimmer and frost. It’s pratically identical to Sunbasque, but has a bit of a pink tone, which Sunbasque is absent of. Although it has a frost finish, I don’t find it to be too frosty – somewhat similar to an MSF, maybe even a little more subtle.

MAC SUNBASQUE is a peachy-red with loads of multi-colored fine shimmer. This was one of my first MAC blush purchases a few years back after finding out it was one of Jessica Burciaga’s favorites! It’s one of my all time favorites. 
MAC GINGERLY is a velvety matte (it’s actually a Sheertone, and it does have a couple of extra fine sparkles – but they are basically non-existent) brick red with a slight orange/rosy tone. It’s really similar to Coppertone, but Coppertone has a stronger red tone and no pink tones. 
MAC COPPERTONE is a matte, brick red with a bit of an orange/peach tone. It was one of my first MAC blushes, if not my first MAC blush and I love it! 
MAC EVERSUN (limited edition) is a golden bronze with red undertones and slight shimmer. Originally I thought Eversun would be a great bronzer by the looks of it in the pan, but it’s a bit tricky – because once it hits my cheeks, the red tones really come out. The shimmer is very subtle and hardly noticeable once applied. 
MAC PLEASUREFUL BLUSHCREME (discontinued) is a slightly reddened pink-peach that gives a very natural, dewy flush of color to the cheeks. 
MAC SO CEYLON MINERALIZE SKINFINISH is a pinked copper-bronze with deep golden veining. It contains very fine pink/multi-colored shimmer and looks a bit frosty on the cheeks. 
NARS LOVEJOY is a rosy-bronze with lots of fine, golden shimmer. Although it looks ultra shimmery in the pan, it’s not as intense on the cheeks. 
MAKE UP FOREVER HD #10 is an intense, warm red. When blended out, it creates a beautiful copper color that looks amazing on the cheeks.

Heavy swatches on NC30 skin [click to view larger]
What are some of your favorites?

    16 thoughts on “My Top 9 Favorite Warm-toned Blushes!

    1. I really like MAC Margin Blush.. It's really great for the summer time..

      I recently bought Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Blushing Rose.. Which is a Dusty Brown Rose colour.. It's lovely and gives such a natural look but it doesn't stay put for long.. I find that I have to re-apply during the day..

      Also, purchase the Giorgio Aramni Skin Fabrin Blush I think it's called in #4.. It's a bronzey rose.. Very nice for the summer and it just feels so great when you apply it.. But because it's sheer, I do have to layer it on..

      Amazing post hun.. I always enjoy reading your blush and foundation reviews.. You really describe the products well! So Thanks for that =)


    2. this was a great review. i've had my eye on margin for a while and gingerly too b/c i've heard that's one kim kardashian wears hehe. warm blushes look best on my skin tone too 🙂



    3. Gingerly is totally matte. No shimmer whatsoever. If yours has shimmer it probably came from a brush you were using.


    4. I think this is a really good article. You make this information interesting and engaging. You give readers a lot to think about and I appreciate that kind of writing.

      Anand Mishra


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