Check out this adorable Etsy Shop: G’adore G’taime!

G’adore G’taime is a small Etsy shop featuring trendy clothing & accessory items, handmade by the absolutely stunning Beauty/Style Blogger and YouTube Guru Gerry (also known as “The Bunnie” or “pbunniep”.)
Each of the items in her shop are carefully handmade with her own self-picked fabrics and trimmings. Because all of her items are handmade of her own design, each item is unique and surely to be one of a kind.
A little about the Creator:
“Changing the world one craft at a time!
We all need a little bit of handmade love in our life; whether it is a cute notebook, a coffee mug holder or a fancy hair accessory. These little tokens of love brighten up our lives and foster new creative ideas.
I love a fabulous print and small details that set an item apart from everybody else. One of my favourite things to do is hunting down one of a kind vintage patterns and digging the bin for that unique button or trim.
I see myself as an image maker and sewing is just one of the ways where I can let out my creativity, I hope you enjoy these crafts as much as I enjoy making them!” -Gerry Xun
Visit G’adore G’taime HERE.

Gerry was kind enough to make my little Rocky a mat out of some of her extra materials. It’s so funny – when I opened the box, his nose was right in the box before I even took it out. As soon as I placed it on the floor, he sat on it.. just like he knew it was for him. She even put his name on it! The sewing job of the mat is completely perfect, I didn’t notice a single flaw.
She also sent me a couple little bow hair clips that I can wear in my hair, or really clip onto anything! The box was wrapped in adorable paper, and she included a very sweet letter. I’m so happy with my new little gifts and I’m sure if you ordered from you, you would be too!
Rocky loving his new mat.
Gerry wasn’t only kind enough to make a gift for me, but for YOU as well! Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!
Have you ever purchased something on Etsy? What are some of your favorite stores? Share in the comments! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Check out this adorable Etsy Shop: G’adore G’taime!

  1. You have to check out the store Bird & Branch! She makes all her own hand-crafted jewelry and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!


  2. Ohmigod, Rocky is soooo cute!!! Love when you feature him in blog posts 🙂 I always find the cutest Etsy stores…then I forget to bookmark them and can never find them again, lol. I'm a disaster! Thank you for the recommendation! xxx


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