Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Star Review with Photos & Swatches!

Dior Amber Diamond

Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Star

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A light-filled pressed powder enriched with Jeweled Microdust™. These five micro-shimmering tones set off sparks of brilliance, highlighting your complexion. The ultra-fine, super-blendable formula virtually fuses with your skin for a sheer, radiant luminosity. (SEPHORA)

Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star is available in two shades: Amber Diamond and Rose Diamond. They are both highlighting shades, but because Rose Diamond contains pink tones, it can also be considered a blush.

Amber Diamond contains five stripes of warm frosty shades: An ivory with golden-yellow frost, champagne, tan, bronze and golden peach. When all of the shades are swirled together, it creates a beautiful warm, champagne/tan glow.

Dior Amber Diamond

I tried comparing it to other highlighters of mine, but it’s actually very different than anything I own. The only thing I could compare is the first strip of color is almost identical to Nars Albatross or MAC Vanilla Pigment. From the looks of it, it may be comparable to Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips or Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick, but from swatches I’ve seen, Amber Diamond seems a little less frosty & subtle. To be honest, at first I figured this highlighter was overrated. To me, it didn’t look like anything special I should go run out and buy – but after trying it, I see what all of the hype is about. It is frosty – but when applied to the cheeks, it’s so subtle and it almost becomes one with your skin. It’s easy to blend and gives the prettiest glow that’s not overpowering. (No disco ball, here!)

Yesterday my Mom had asked me what I have on my cheeks that’s so glowy, so I handed her the highlighter to test out herself and she loved it. Right after, we went grocery shopping and this woman stopped us in the middle of the aisle and was like “Is this your daughter!?” Caught completely off guard, we nodded and smiled politely, and she was like “No wonder! She has your glowing skin!” She actually went on for a couple minutes and mentioned how nice it must be to go to Wal-mart and get complimented. As we walked off, I mentioned to my Mom that it must be the Dior. It was kinda funny.

Dior Amber Diamond Swatch

Here is Amber Diamond swatched on my hand. As you can see, it’s nothing over powering or too frosty.

Dior Amber Diamond Swatches
Here are all of the shades swatched individually.
The lightest shade in Amber Diamond is exactly like Nars Albatross (color-wise). Left: Dior Amber Diamond, Right: Nars Albatross 

You can that Albatross is a bit more powdery and has more of a white cast than the similar shade in Amber Diamond.

PROS: It’s not too frosty, blends easily, doesn’t make my skin look dirty (some frosty highlighters do!) and looks very natural! Also, I think it would be well suited for any skintone!

CONS: I can’t really think of any, other than it doesn’t include a brush (not a big deal) and it’s a bit expensive ($44 for .35 oz). If you think about it though, a Nars blush is .16 oz for $27 and MAC is .21 oz for $19.50. So, it’s a little more expensive than MAC, but less expensive than Nars in the long run. It’s all up to you if it’s worth the splurge!

OVERALL: It’s my favorite highlighter to date! I would definitely recommend checking it out while you’re at Sephora or your local Dior counter.

Know any dupes? Let me know in the comments below!

36 thoughts on “Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Star Review with Photos & Swatches!

  1. I've been wanting to try this one for a long time now. It looks so luxurious and seems to be worth the splurge. That's funny how many compliments you guys got on it, it must be a really good product. You look like Kim Kardashian in the pic here too =)


  2. I don't know any dupes of Amber Diamond and honestly I don't want to find out because I love Amber Diamond so much! 🙂 It's my HG highlighter for sure! Great review as always!


  3. Highlighters are my current obsessions and this one looks so amazing on you, I might just have to try it out!

    Amazing post! Great photos! I wonder if there's any drugstore or cheaper dupe for this gem?

    <3 Mj



  4. I have been wanting to get this since forever now! Every time I see it in the store I swatch it, admire, then decide that I don't need it. After reading this though, I'm for sure going to pick it up next time I see it! I've decided that I need Amber Diamond in my life, haha! Thanks for the great review!! =D

    Andrée xx


  5. This highlighter is amazing I tend to stay away from them cause I have oily skin. but this looks really subtle might exchange my Nars highlighter duo, and get this baby.


  6. Jessy – What are you looking for particularly? I love Dior, but haven't tried too many of their products. Their shadow duos and quints are amazing – I wish I could own them all! I tried Diorskin Forever Extreme Foundation and thought it was really good.. They also have a great selection of pink glosses. I don't think you could go wrong with any Dior product! (well, for the most part)

    Alex Kay – It will absolutely work well on light skintones! My mom is around NC15 and its beautiful on her! Thats the great thing about it… I think any skintone can wear it.

    Kim – Aw, thank u so much!!! 🙂


  7. I have been seeing this stuff EVERYWHERE lately!! I think this might have just tipped me over the edge though… this could make it to my wishlist!! I think if I really go and swatch it at Sephora I'll be hopeless……


  8. I'm glad I stumbled on this review! I bought this a few days ago and cannot get it to look anything other then just meh on me. What brush do you use to apply it. Do you put it on your whole cheek or just the tops of your cheek bones? I'm hoping I just need to find the right technique, because it doesn't look that natural and glowy on me like it does you.


  9. Anonymous – I get all of my fonts from dafont.com. The cursive Dior is “Enchanted Prairie Dog” and the Amber Diamond is called “Budmo”.

    Leah – The best brush to use is a fan brush or duo fiber brush. I like using my MAC 131. The less dense the brush, the better – so you won't deposit too much on your cheeks.

    I lightly dust it across the strip and then apply it to the top of my cheekbones and blend it a little downward my cheeks. It doesn't look like I applied anything to my cheeks until I'm in the light it's noticeable – So, I know never to keep packing it on if it doesn't seem to show up much while I'm applying it – it is definitely there! If you feel it still applies too heavily, before putting the brush on your face, rub it lightly across the back of your clean hand and then apply it to your cheeks so there isn't much product on the brush.

    Hope that helps!


  10. I only own one Dior product, but would love to get more. Years ago, I picked up one of their eye shadows; I was extremely impressed by the pigmentation and texture! I have been meaning to do a review on it since 2009. LOL! Dior's prices are a bit steep, but worth the splurge every now and then!

    Your skin looks amazing! You have the J-Lo glow!


    P. S. Thank you SO much for sharing my “You Know You're a Beauty Blogger If…” post with your readers! It meant a lot to me! 🙂


  11. I have Rose Diamond, and sadly Amber Diamond has been discontinued in my area. I'm looking for a dupe….for a subtle delicate tan glow with warm-toned colours.

    I just Dior really has the best highlighters, and my Rose Diamond is a perfect cool-toned subtle one which is truly NOT shimmery, but sheen and translucent.

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom


  12. a good dupe for this product is Hard Candy Tiki Baked Bronzer(:
    its not really a bronzer to me its honestly a highlighter when applied(:
    just a cheap alternative to consider.


  13. you did the cost comparison wrong, its not really .35 oz because if your buying it as a highlighter then you can only use the lightest two stripes, unless youve got dark skin which in that case you still cant use the entire thing. i think its ridiculous to pay 44 dollars for a product where the majority of the quantity is not usable


  14. The whole product is usable. I've never only used the first two strips – I always swipe all of the colors, and you'll get the shade shown on my hand. I know the last shades may look dark, but once all of the shades mix together, it's not dark at all! I use it the same way whether I'm tan or not.


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