What’s on my Make-up Wishlist?

Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Someone recommended this on Twitter when I asked what’s everyone’s favorite eye liner. This one’s reviews look pretty promising.

Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner Even though I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown Gel Liners, and MAC Dipdown Fluidline, I keep hearing how great Clinique’s Cream Liner is. At $15 a pop, it’s not bad at all. I’d love to give one a try sometime soon.

Nars Douceur Powder Blush I’m not really sure why I want this all of the sudden. It never really sparked my interest when it launched – but lately I’ve been really into more natural shades and by the looks of it, Douceur (soft pink brown) looks like a great every day color. What do you think? Anyone own this?

Nars Loose Powder I’ve realized that I don’t own enough setting powders (LOL) and I’d like to explore my options. Nars Loose Setting Powder seems to be a favorite among many – except for the terrible packaging.

La Mer The Powder Some say it’s the best setting powder ever? I’d love to be the judge of that….. when I have some extra cash.

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick This has actually been on my wishlist for a long time and I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Check out the Google results by clicking here. You can not tell me it’s not a gorgeous pink.

Nars Super Orgasm Lip gloss Boy, I want a lot of Nars, don’t I? Tanya Burr made me want it after watching her collaboration video with two other gurus called “All Time Favourite Makeup Products”.. You can view it here. It looks so pretty!

MAC 109 Brush Someone please talk me out of this. I really don’t feel like spending $32 on a brush right now. I purchased Sigma’s F05 – supposedly the dupe for the 109 and I don’t think it’s anything that special. I never owned the 109, so I can’t compare.. but everyone seems to love the 109, which makes me want it too. ☺
Essie Fiji and Sand Tropez Tan and Light Pink, can’t go wrong with my favorite colors!

34 thoughts on “What’s on my Make-up Wishlist?

  1. I really wish I didn't like the 109, but I love it so much that when I lost it for a day, I freaked and ran out to get another one. I found the old one the next day. It's just a really good multipurpose brush. I've used it for foundation for a really nice buffed out finish. I've used it for highlighter and blush, also great to make sure you haven't used too much. And my favorite, for contouring, and this fits perfectly under my cheekbones and buffs out the contour powder and makes everything super natural. I'm not sure if it's the same as Sigma's F05, but you might want to be careful, since they could be very similar, and if so, you wouldn't love the 109.



  2. I have both Fiji and Sand Tropez. Both lovely! I always get compliments when wearing Fiji. It's such a simple and pretty color.


  3. I cannot stop lusting over my new ( for me ) lipstick from MAC in “speak louder”.. Such an amazing deep , dark pink which might look scary at first,but when you gently pat it on your lips it is just gorgeous. It's is a creamsheen finish which i love the most 🙂
    Highly recommended


  4. The 109 is a fav of mine as well. I use it for buffing in my contour =)

    The Clinique gel liner is great. Much creamier than Fluidline. (I haven't tried the Bobbi Brown, but it's on my list!) I find they wear the same as well.

    It's so funny that you mentioned that collab video with Tanya.. after I watched it I went right on Sephora.com and put the Super Orgasm lipgloss on my wishlist! haha

    Ok you have officially inspired me to do a new Make-up Wishlist post 🙂 You have some amazing stuff on yours!!


  5. You NEED the 109 brush. It can be used for multiple purposes. Totally worth the money. I actually found mine at a CCO.


  6. I bought the 109 after hearing people rave about it for liquid foundation…it sucks. I never reach for it. The bristles come out when buffing foundation in…it works well as a contour, but really if you have a 168 you don't need the 109. Save your money! LOL


  7. Clinique cream liner in the black color is my favorite potted liner. It's so creamy and smoother which I think its why it last longer than Mac fluidline, Bobbi brown and MUFE aqua liners. NARS loose setting powder is the only setting powder I'll use, it gives me such a natural finish. I recommend the color Beach for you bc I think we have similar skin color and it has a perfect amount of yellow undertone. I don't recommend the pressed powder form. I'm curious about La Mer though lol. I have both Fiji and Sand Tropez and love them both!! Fiji definitely needs 3 coats tho while Sand Tropez ur good with 2. Happy shopping!!! 🙂


  8. Douceur is on my wishlist as well! I'm planning to buy it whenever I go shopping next. Heard it's similar to MAC Blushbaby. Anyway I saw a very fair-skinned youtuber (can't recall her name at the moment) wearing Douceur and it looks AMAZING.


  9. The 109 from MAC seems to be a crowd-pleaser. I would be checking it out the next time I get to drop by a MAC shop and see if it is as good as they say it is.


  10. I love so much nars glosses, the texture is wonderful i prefer nars glosses than mac glosses. The price is a little bit excessive but the quality is better than mac 😉

    I'm sorry for my english but i'm from france and i don't speak english very well shame on me 😦


  11. I also had a craving for the Super Orgasm lip gloss after watching Tanya, Ingrid and Fleur's video, but when I went into Nars, I didn't purchase it in the end. I still prefer Orgasm to it. Super Orgasm is more pinky and I own way too many pink lip glosses so I couldn't justify it!

    Marina xx



  12. Great wish list 🙂 I haven't been shopping in a-g-e-s (well, a month!) but on 25th when I turn 29, I'm planning a massive splurge! I haven't tried the NARS or LA MER powders, but the picture has made me want them both 😉 I'm trying to get 'Striptease' gloss by NARS, but I can't find it anywhere! x


  13. I have NARS “Super Orgasm” Lip Gloss and I love it 🙂 I just love its light, girlie, pink, colour, with tiny gold flecks in it. 🙂
    p.s. like your wish list 😛


  14. Love Super Orgasm and have been lusting after Douceur as well! Would love to see a review on the NARS loose powder or La Mer's if you end up buying either!


  15. Oh forgot to mention this. If you do purchase the nars loose powder u can remove the top mesh piece which just leaves a horrible mess and leave the bottom sifter but only remove a tiny portion of the nars sticker to expose a couple holes. That way when u go to use the product u only tap out a little into the cap so there's no waste of any powder. I also only keep it stored flat.


  16. Beautyful Thoughts – Aw, man! LOL I think I want it mainly for blush. I like the size of it and the rounded top – I always lust it after I've watched a YT video where someone has used it. As for Sand Tropez, I hope I'll be able to find it. I'm still on the fence about it though – I have a feeling it won't look good on me. I just want to find a really pretty opaque beige.

    Valerie Zhang – LOL Omg, that's so funny! I've done that with MAC Cork Eyeshadow before. I'll have to check it out when I'm at MAC.. I was hoping the Sigma one would be slightly bigger and softer. Although I haven't washed it yet. Maybe it just needs a little wash and conditioner.

    a womans beauty and fashion addiction – TY! I will try to post more of them.. I haven't been wearing makeup as much lately which is why I haven't posted much. But I will! 🙂

    Caroline – Ooh, sounds great! Do you have any other favorites?

    Ewelina – I'll have to check that out! It sounds gorgeous!


  17. …OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR… – Oh boy, 3/3 now for the 109. Have you tried Stila Smugepots? I find it's creamier than MAC too.. but I wasn't wow'ed. The lasting power didn't seem all that great. I'm for going to get the Clinique one now!

    That's funny RE: Super Orgasm lol.. I haven't had the chance to check it out myself yet.. but from the photos I've seen it looks so pretty! Plus, I don't really own that many glosses I'd wear on a regular basis. (or so I think)

    You should do a w/l! I'd love to see it!

    Anonymous – TY for the tip! I'm totally going to check out my CCO!

    leahhg – I know, tell me about it. This is like 5% of my real list. LOL

    Cheryl♥ – LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blunt response. “it sucks.” LOL I do have the 168 and I love it.. so maybe I don't need it then. Hmm.

    Keisha – Good choices! For an NC35 there are actually a few shades that will work for you. 123 or 127 would be the best. I'll leave a msg on your blog as well.

    Valerie Brower – That's awesome!!! I'm so excited to try it now! I was in a dilema whether to get Eden or Beach because sometimes I'm a little pale (NC25 maybe) and I wasn't sure if Beach would be too dark then. But I'm usually around NC30-35. I think I'm going to get La Mer and Nars.. not at the same time though lol but eventually. Great to know you love both nail polishes! I want to splurge on it all now! 🙂


  18. Plain Name Sarah Elaine – Really? Ugh, I have that problem sometimes with Essie polishes. Do you have any other fav. polishes that are similar in color?

    Anonymous – Blushbaby is on my list too! I was asking some MUA's which one they prefer – Someone said Nars because of the overall texture/application. I'd like both of them because I'm weird like that. Also, another person mentioned that it took layering and layering to show up – so I'm worried it may not show up on me! I'll check it out when I'm at Sephora though.

    Obaging – Yeah, definitely check it out. I'm hoping I'll be able to find it at a CCO for a better price.

    Latifa – They are nice, aren't they? I only own one (Chihuahua) and I love the texture. It's so smooth and moisturizing. Don't worry, your English sounds perfect to me!

    Marina – I've never tried Orgasm, but I'll have to swatch both and see for myself! 🙂

    Catherine – I know, me too. Sort of. I get stuff online through sales, swaps, blog sales, etc.. but I haven't gone to the actual stores much lately! It's been a while since I've actually been IN Sephora. *sigh* I've swatched Striptease and it's such a unique shade. Really pretty!!

    Natasha – YAY! TY! 😀

    Aggie602 – Sounds great! I'm so happy about all the positive feedback on them. I will definitely review La Mer when I purchase it! I know, it's so awfully expensive. But worth it because you get almost an ounce of product.

    Kelly – I will definitely review them once purchased!!

    Valerie Brower – Thanks for the tip! I've read with some reviews though that lots of product leaked during shipping! Scares me a little to order it online.. I'm surprised they haven't decided to re-package it. But I will do that when I do purchase it. Thank you!


  19. dont bother with the 109, it sheds WAY too much just not worth it! everytime i buy it i get so annoyed at the shedd'n part 😦 total disappointment


  20. I want the Doucuer blush from NARS too!<3 great polish choices! I really want Makeup Forever's Matte Velvet Plus and their HD Powder! And Benefits Clamoflauge! Great wish list, hope you get them someday!<3


  21. This passenger's element – Wow! Okay, that seals the deal. I'm ordering it now. LOL

    Anonymous – What a relief! Well – sorta. I love brushes.. and if it's a nice one, it's worth the investment.. but I can't tolerate with brushes that shed a lot.. I keep hearing that this one sheds way too much.

    Plain Name Sarah Elaine – Ooh, I'll have to check that one out.. thanks!!!

    Tenaca – Great choices as well! Did you mean Benefit Powderflage?

    and Thank you! I hope you'll get yours soon too!!


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