The Solution to Razor Burn/Bumps & Irritation: Tend Skin + Homemade Recipe!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The solution for any cosmetic problem related to hair removal. Men can use it on their face, neck and back of the head while women find it useful on legs, bikini line, underarms and anywhere else hair removal causes razor bumps. Use in conjunction with shaving, waxing electrolysis or epilating. Caution: If you have an allergy to Aspirin (hives, itching) do not use this product. 
Isopropyl alcohol, water, propylene glycol, acetylsalicylic acid, cyclomethicone, glycerine.
I figured that since it’s the summer, it’s a good time to mention a great product that helps with irritations from shaving. Yes, I’m talking about in-growns and razor burn. It’s something that a lot of us have to deal with – men and women. Speaking for myself, I suffer from both. Typically, you’ll get razor burn and irritation where your hair is thicker and your skin in more sensitive – hence why common places for the women are the bikini and underarms – and for men, the neck. 


Lucky me, I have very sensitive skin, and was blessed with the “hairy gene”. So, whenever I shave my legs, underarms and lady parts, I can guarantee that by day 3, I’ll be scratching my skin like I broke out with a bad case of the hives. Not pretty at all, especially in a bathing suit or sleeveless shirt. There are some products out there that will help, such as my favorite shave cream; Kiss my Face Moisture Shave (review here) or lathering your skin up with aloe. These do help, but there will be occasional irritations, especially when you’re using a new razor – ya know, the new ones they keep coming out that have more blades for a closest shave? The Schick Hydro 5 killed me. 

Anyway, the following day after I’ve shaved I begin using Tend Skin – before the irritation starts. I don’t use it right after I shower, or else it’ll burn. You can use a cotton ball, but because of the high alcohol content, it will dry/evaporate (whatever it does) before you finish applying it. To lessen the waste of product, I like using a cosmetic sponge and applying it to my bikini line, underarms, thighs and backs of the knees – any areas prone to irritation. I’ve read from a review that one gal likes to use a fan brush. I bet that’d work good too. 

I also like using it when I wax my arms. Sometimes I’ll end up with a little colony of pimples on my forearm, opposite of my elbow. This stops those from forming and if I forget to use my Tend Skin and they do sprout – It’ll diminish them in a day or two. 

It’s also a pretty good product to dry up pimples on your face. 

The main drawback of the product is the price. It is $20 for a 4 oz bottle. There are other sizes available, up to 16 oz, but 4 oz is the smallest. There is also a 2.5 oz roll-on, which is probably much more handy for $15. It can be purchased from or various online retailers. I actually have spotted Tend Skin several times at Marshalls and TJMaxx for $12.99 (I purchased two for $7 each on clearance last summer!) This product is worth it though for me and I recommend it if razor burn/bumps is something you struggle with.

I have used a cheaper alternative called GiGi No Bump found at Sally’s Beauty Supply, which is around $9 for 4 oz, but I still prefer Tend Skin. For whatever reason, I feel that Tend Skin works faster. The GiGi No Bump has pretty good reviews though, so it really boils down to individual preference.
I did a little research and there also a homemade recipe you can do yourself. Kind of like the Aspirin Mask.
Uncoated Aspirin tablets
70% alcohol
Witch Hazel
A measuring cup/bottle
2 bottles used to shake mixtures
1 8oz or more bottle/container to keep finished product

1. Pour 5.5oz of 70% alcohol into one bottle.
2. Drop 18 uncoated aspirins into the alcohol. Cap bottle and shake.
3. Pour 2.5oz of witch hazel into the second bottle.
4. Drop 8 uncoated aspirins into the witch hazel. Cap bottle and shake.
5. Wait a while (30 minutes to a whole day) for the aspirins to dissolve in the liquids. Shake periodically to help dissolve aspirin and mix. NOTE: not all of the aspirin will dissolve. That’s ok- some of it never will.
6. Now combine both the alcohol and witch hazel mixtures together into one bottle. Make sure you shake it up before you pour them out so you also get the aspirin residue into the new bottle.

Use 1-2 a day. Reduce usage if you experience dryness or flaking or irritation. Make sure you shake it well before each use.


Do you have problems with razor burn or irritations from shaving? How do you treat it?

11 thoughts on “The Solution to Razor Burn/Bumps & Irritation: Tend Skin + Homemade Recipe!

  1. THANK YOU! I have the hairy gene too and sensitive skin! I had to skip the pool the second half of vacation last week because of a nasty incident with the razor and a rash of bumps all over legs and bikini area! I am very fair with dark hair too, so hair or bumps are very noticeable! I had just read a review on Tend and put it on my list to purchase, it just moved up on my priorities thanks to your post as well!


  2. thank you for posting this!! i was going to buy tend skin this weekend b/c i get really bad razor bumps. i think i may try the one at sally's first cause it's right by my house and if it sucks i can always return it :P.



  3. Jill – Aw, that's such a bummer!! I have the same problem.. without self tanner, I am very fair and my hair is very dark. Having red irritation just makes it so much worse!

    I hope it works out well for you! 🙂

    MaviDeniz – Yeah that's totally a good idea. You can say it gave you an allergic reaction. LOL


  4. I've tried TendSkin and didn't like it, it really dried out my skin and made me peel… thankfully with proper regular exfoliation I have no need for it 🙂


  5. Jacenda ♥ – It's very much worth a try!

    Lucy – Aw, bummer – but better for you since it would save you money in the long run. haha No matter how much I exfoliate unfortunately, it doesn't help me.


  6. the little pimples you get from waxing your arms are actually from using the wax! if you re-use to applicator you're putting whatever bacteria and stuff is on your arm into the wax and when you're waxing, your opening the pours and practically pouring the germs into your skin! the abscess is the result!


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