My go-to products when I’m on the run!

I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I don’t manage my time very well. Yeah, I’ll admit it. Dinner plans for 6 PM? No problem. Then at 5 PM I’m staggering around my house looking for misplaced items and fumbling through my makeup drawers. Sadly, there comes those days where I think I’m I’ve got all of the time in the world to get ready and then my best friend will call me and say she’s on the way to my house and be there in 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I’m watching Pixiwoo on YouTube in my pj’s. Hanging up the phone on them before I could even say goodbye, I automatically run to my go-to products that never fail when I’m racing against the clock.

When it comes to picking your go-to products, they have to be products that won’t let you down – zero room for error. Also, products that don’t require lots of work. A.K.A “low maintenance products”. Everyone moves at their own pace and we’re not all at the same level of expertise in application of makeup, so don’t feel intimidated by my gi-normous list of products. I’ve been wearing makeup for enough years to be able to use all of the products shown above in the matter of 10 minutes (I can actually probably do it in less).. That leaves me 5 minutes to comb through my hair, spray a little hair spray and get dressed! 
I did want to show an item from each category though. Depending on where I’m going and the amount of time I have, I may skip some things. Perhaps I’ll skip the blush and only wear bronzer, or vise-versa. Maybe I’ll only wear mascara on my eyes and skip the shadow. 


MAC Fix + Spray – A quick mist all over my face for a quick refresher and to add a bit of moisture to my skin so my foundation glides on easily.
Bobbi Brown Corrector – I love this to help concealer my under eyes. I usually use it in conjunction with a concealer for full coverage, but sometimes all I just is the corrector and it does the job good. I like using my ring finger for application and dabbing to blend. It’s applied in 1, 2, 3! (I have it in the shade light peach, which is a little too light. I’m almost done with it though, and I’ll most likely be purchasing Bisque next)
MAC Select Cover Up – This was my first ever high end concealer purchase and I’ve purchased it countless times since then. It’s pretty fool proof – just squeeze a small amount out and apply it with your fingers. It provides a nice, medium coverage that doesn’t require much work to get right.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – This is one of my favorite foundations and I love using it when I’m in a hurry because it looks fantastic when applied with the fingers. That’s one thing I can’t say that with all of my foundations. All I do is pull my hair and bangs back, apply one pump into my clean hands and apply it to my face as if I was applying moisturizer. Once it’s distributed well, I’ll take my Sigma F80 and buff it for about 20 seconds. Perfect. Guerlain Parure Extreme is good for that as well.
YSL Touche Eclat #1 – This is great for on the go, because you can literally apply it to the areas you need brightening straight from the brush applicator and blend with your fingers in the matter of seconds. I run it across the bridge of my nose, corners of my eyes and brow bone for a little extra highlight that is extremely subtle. 
Chanel Double Perfection Compact – This is a beautiful powder foundation. I love applying my liquid foundation lightly so I can brush a layer of this powder all over my face. It gives my skin an airbrushed look minus the powdery effect. My favorite brush to use is my Sigma F30 and work it into my face with small and quick circular motions.
Nars Irresistiblement Bronzer – This is a beautiful, packed with pigment terracotta bronzer that gives my face the perfect bronze glow. I only have to tap my brush in the pan a couple of times and apply it to my cheeks and forehead. My favorite brush to use is the Sigma F40.
Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush – Cool toned pinks are a no-go for my skintone, but Pale Pink by Bobbi Brown gives my cheeks such a natural hint of pink that looks so pretty and feminine. A small tap of the brush is all I need applied to the apples of my cheeks. I use the same brush as I used for my bronzer.

MAC Brule Eyeshadow – Brule is a matte ivory that works well as an all over lid color. It’s pretty sheer but can be built up easily. I like applying it all over my lid to rid any creasing and shine from my foundation. It also works as a base for liner & eye shadows. Some days I wear it alone when I don’t feel like wearing much makeup. It’s completely goof proof that you can apply it with a sponge tip applicator, or even your finger.
MAC Indianwood Paint Pot – I love this cream eyeshadow and it’s verstilitly. It’s extremely creamy and easy to blend and can be worn in a variety of ways. I like applying it all over my lid for a wash of golden color, applied only in the crease (on top of Brule) for a pop of color & added dimension or applied along my top and bottom lashline for an extra natural look.
MAC Dipdown Fluidline – I love Dipdown for an everyday daytime eye, or smoked out all over the lid for a sexy night time look. When I’m in a hurry, I like taking a smudge/pencil brush and smudging it into my top lashline, then wiping off any excess product with a napkin & going back with the dry brush and softening the line. For something even quicker, I’ll take an angled brush and apply it halfway across my top lashline flicking the corner outward.
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Black – This is one of my go-to products for it’s convenience – It’s not really a product I love or would re-purchase. It’s a fine tipped eyeliner pen, so it makes application a breeze. I mostly apply it to the end of my top lashline and flicking the corner outward to make my eyes appear wider.
Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara – I love that I can build volume quick with this mascara. Applying this mascara in front of a fan works wonders. It actually builds the volume twice as fast.
ELF Brow Kit – I love this product for when I’m on the go. A quick coat of the tinted wax and a swipe of brow powder and my brows are done.

MAC Shygirl Lipstick – This is my no-brainer lipstick. It doesn’t need a lip liner, doesn’t need a lip gloss, doesn’t need a moisturizing base – it’s perfect on it’s own and it goes with whatever blush I wanna wear or whatever I decide to do with my eye makeup. Shygirl is my signature color. ☺

MAC Shygirl Lipstick

Sigma F80 – This applies my foundation quicker than any other brush (and better too!)
Sigma F30 – This is my largest powder brush and my favorite powder brush. It’s large, dense and is nicely rounded for the perfect application of setting powders.
Sigma F40 – I love this brush for applying bronzer and blush. The bristles are really soft and the angled bristles work really well for applying bronzer as a contour. It looks a bit similar to the MAC 168, but it’s larger. I’d most likely have a panic attack if I lost my F30 or F40. I love both brushes so much!
Sigma E65 – Standard angled brush for brow products and eye liner. Works great.
MAC 224 Brush – This has multi-purposes. I love it to apply and/or blend my concealer, set my concealer with powder and around the corners of my nose and for applying an all over lid color.

What are some of your go-to products?

27 thoughts on “My go-to products when I’m on the run!

  1. Amira – HAHA, right!? Seriously. I can wake up hours early for something, and still be racing at the last minute. You should do a post.. I'd love to see yours!!


  2. Great products 🙂 I definitely feel the time crunch when I'm getting ready most of the time too and I reach for a few products over and over again. I love Benefit's Erase Paste for under my eyes and I usually opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because I can use my fingers to apply it. I change up my eye, lip, and cheek products often but I usually stick to neutrals like you!


  3. I'm always rushing around even if I give myself PLENTY of time to get ready! My go to products would have to be my MAC studio fix concealer, Amber Rose MAC blush, Silver Dust from MAC for highlight, Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Rose, and L'oreal volumnious mascara!


  4. love this post…i will have to do one like this! i totally am the same way. someone will call me to go out and i will wait the very last minute to get ready and i always think to myself…why did you do this again?! haha.


  5. I totally need to make a go-to makeup list! I have to wake up super early for class. Then I'm always stuck on what eyeshadow/lip combo to wear!
    The F80 rocks. Makes putting on foundation super quick.


  6. I love this post!
    You have given me some great recommendations that I have taken down.
    I love Shy Girl lipstick… I always grab it when I'm in a rush.



  7. I feel like I'm constantly on the go but I can tell what products I really depend on when I keep bringing them with me to work to apply my makeup in the morning. Though the packaging is not exactly convenient i've been going to Benefit Hoola, whether I am wearing foundation or not. Along with that I like Covergirl Liquiline Blast in brown to line my waterline, MAC Careblend Powder, Maybelline Waterproof Lash Stiletto, and Korres pomegranante lip butter.


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