Rocky’s Hair Cut!

I took Rocky to the groomers yesterday! It was very well needed because his fur was getting pretty long, and it has been the hottest summer I can remember in Chicago. The only time I ever saw the temperature reach 104 was in Vegas, and I thought that was crazy. Lately, ever time I get in the car, it says the temp is minimum 101 to 105. 
I tried my hardest to get a good picture of him, but he was more into his little hedgehog toy I bought him than the camera. Did you know they have an awesome selection of pet things at Marshalls/TJ Maxx!? It depends on the location, but I’ve found so many cute things there for Rocky. Definitely check it out! He seems to be liking his Rockstar place-mat, but he keeps digging into it, which drives me nuts because I don’t want him ruining it. haha!
Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday afternoon!

16 thoughts on “Rocky’s Hair Cut!

  1. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments!!

    Shelby – Yep! He's a yorkie/maltese mix. Aww! I want one more just like him. haha Thank you, I'm following you now as well!

    Radiant Make Up – Def. check it out! I've seen some locations literally have nothing.. but some have really cute leashes, matts, toys, sweaters, bowls, etc!


  2. Gosh he is just so cute!! I know what you mean about getting a good photo, Albi is like a perfect little model who poses so easily whereas Sina is virtually impossible to get any decent shots of because she moves around so much! LOL!


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