E.L.F. Brush Holder!

E.L.F. Studio Small Brush Holder
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The stylish and sleek makeup compartment holds your brushes, makeup pencils, tools and more. The professional storage holder keeps everything organized for quick use. The luxurious material is easy to clean and durable for storing on countertops or in cabinets.
Dimensions: 3″L x 3″W x 4″H
Lately I’ve been really trying to make my cosmetic organization a little more functional. I have a three compartment brush holder currently, which I have my eye brushes, pencil liners and lip liners. Then, I have a separate holder where I have all of my face brushes. It is a little crowded, so I figured I could use another holder. I keep getting requests to post my makeup organization, so I should be posting that within the next couple of weeks.. so you’ll see how I have it organized.
On the E.L.F. website, there are two holders to choose from. A small, one compartment holder and a large, three compartment holder. The large brush holder is exactly 3 times the length of the small holder, so it’s basically three of the small brush holders put together. You would think that the large one would be a better value, but it’s exactly three times the price. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you purchase three of the small or one large. It’s your preference.
I honestly can’t tell if this thing is wooden or plastic. It may be wood with a shiny laminate on the inside. Who knows. What’s great though is that the exterior of the holder is the same rubberized material that’s on the NARS packaging. It may be a pain because it dirties easily if your hands aren’t clean, but it’s great because the material allows the holder to stay in place, so it won’t easily knock over.

(**The best way to clean NARS packaging, and this holder when it gets dirty is put a little baby oil on a cotton ball and wipe the surface. Then wipe dry with a paper towel. It will remove every fingerprint/makeup stains very easy)
I wished the holder was a little bit bigger. It is pretty small, but it does hold a good number of thin handled brushes. Below is a comparison to Sigma’s Brush Holder. I barely even use the Sigma one because it doesn’t hold much. The opening is a pretty narrow oval. Good for traveling and to keep dust out of your brushes because it had a lid, but not so good if you have lots of brushes.
The price isn’t too bad, but I think $15 for the large one is too expensive. If you’re planning on purchasing one, wait till there is a sale. E.L.F. has 50% the Studio line pretty often.
How do you store your brushes?

14 thoughts on “E.L.F. Brush Holder!

  1. I ordered both sizesof these a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised. I've found that elf storage stuff to be of high quality and good design. I have several of their makeup cases as well and I'm more than happy with them.


  2. I just got the Sigma cup, which I really like. While at home I use both sides to separate face and eye brushes, but I love that fact that when combined and creates a safe, enclosed place for brushes for travel. Or, you could put the cap on just to keep dust off. I really like the large E.L.F. one for on the counter though! I can imagine face brushes in one slot, eye brushes in the other and eyeliners in the third! I'll be looking out for one of those sales!


  3. I have two of the large brushes holders from ELF. I keep my brushes in one and lip glosses in the other. I love having my lip glosses organized by color. It's so much easier to see what I have.


  4. I keep mine in a glass cup looking jars I have to use 3 of them though there about this size, I just like them because you can clean them easy I make a mess out of everything I do.

    I don't know If I'd like the fact that the outside packaging is like the Nars packaging because I do find myself wiping off my Nars blushes a lot.


  5. Ive always wanted to try a glass jar and put little beads in it like Sephora does, but i can never find those little beads! This is also a very nice way to keep makeup brushes, thanks!


  6. I was so tempted to buy these the last time I ordered from e.l.f., but I ended up getting a short square glass vase and filling it with beads :). Thanks for the tip on cleaning the material btw, I'm going to clean up my NARS containers :).


  7. I LOVE the ELF brush holder! I bought the large one last year during one of the 50% off sales and I plan on getting 2 more soon. $15 is pretty steep for a plain ol' brush holder, but the quality and features of this is worth it even if you don't have a coupon code. I added some crushed shells from the craft section at walmart to give it some weight AND the make the brushes stand alone, that made them more visible and quicker to grab the ones I wanted in a hurry. I want to buy a small one too so I can keep my daily use brushes separate.


  8. I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!


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