Lancome Sienna Sultry Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette Review!

Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette

An all-in-one five-shadow palette for brightening the eyes.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These alluring palettes feature silky, lustrous, long-wearing powders that transparently wrap the skin resulting in a seamless layering of pure color and a radiant finish. Build with absolute precision and apply the shades in five simple steps (all over, lid, crease, highlighter, and liner) to design your customized eye look. Contour, sculpt, and lift with soft day colors or intensify your look with dramatic evening hues for smoky effects. 
There are 12 palettes available. To view them all, click HERE to be re-directed to the Sephora product page.
Sienna Sultry contains a matte soft pink-beige, bubble-gum pink shimmer, matte soft brown, golden copper shimmer and a deep brown shimmer. All shades are suppose to go together to create a certain look. Lancome gives you a little guide for the color placement of each shade. In this particular palette the colors do go well together. I have to say though, I was really disappointed with this palette.


Sienna Sultry
When I received this palette in the mail, I was so incredibly excited. How pretty does it look!? I was particularly excited about the shimmery shade on the far right as well as the dark brown shimmery shade on the bottom. I didn’t even want to swatch the palette because I wasn’t sure if the shimmery shade was only a shimmer overlay.
Sienna Sultry
My first disappointment was when I swatched the shades. The pigmentation of the shades aren’t that great, and the shadows aren’t that soft. The two shades with the most pigment are the pink lid (far left) and the brown liner shade (bottom). The all-over base is very sheer, which I suppose is expected because it’s only a base. The crease color is very sheer, as well as the highlight shade. The highlight shade was the shade I was most excited about in this palette and it translates completely different on the eyes. It’s sheer, isn’t nearly as shimmery as it looks in the pan, and is much darker than it looks in the pan. It looks like a light, champagne shimmer – but once swatched and applied to the lids, it’s a mediocre copper with a few flecks of glitter.
For application, I used the sponge applicators instead of brushes because sponge applicators will pack on the most color, and considering some of the shades are pretty sheer, I wanted to apply thick layers. I didn’t use a base because I believe if you’re using a good quality shadow, you don’t really need one. I applied a little concealer on my lids to give the shadow something to stick to, then followed the guide. I found that with the base color, it didn’t apply evenly to my lid. I also found the highlight shade too dark to be a highlight, but I did still use it as a highlight and a little on the center of my lids. I applied the liner last on my upper and lower lashline. I found that it applied dark at first, but within a few minutes it had faded, so I had to apply a gel liner to pull the look together. 
The final look was pretty, but it was very subtle.  The shades went nicely together and almost formed a plum shade, which is very flattering with my hazel eyes. The lasting power was decent, everything was still there by the end of the night, but had faded slightly.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this palette – but it’s worth more like $10 at the most, not $48. I find it to be drugstore quality and I believe I’d have much better results using MAC shadows that are similar shades. For a few dollars more, I’d much rather buy a Dior Quint. I’ll be putting this palette up for swap.
Swatched using a sponge applicator on freshly moisturized skin. When I swatched the shades on my dry skin, none of them showed up.
To see a video tutorial on this palette, check out xsparkage’s YouTube tutorial HERE. Michelle Phan also used this palette in her recent Belle from Beauty & the Beast Makeup Tutorial HERE.
What was your most recent product disappointment?

14 thoughts on “Lancome Sienna Sultry Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette Review!

  1. Have you tried applying Urban Decay primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance before applying the eyeshadows on your eyes?

    The colors will probably show up better on your eyes, if you're using a primer underneath. =)

    And instead of swapping it, how come you don't just return it?


  2. Well that's upsetting! They look really pretty in the pan 😦

    I'll definitely remember to test them in the stores before getting one of these.


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