Small Forever 21 Accessory Haul!

    All of the items I purchased are still available on the Forever 21 website. Each item listed above is linked to the product page.
    I’m loving everything I purchased, and my only regret is purchasing the leaf necklace. I only own a few necklaces, and I’m really liking the layering trend, so I thought it would look cute layered with some other simple gold necklaces. I usually avoid buying necklaces from Forever 21, especially if they are gold because after 1-2 uses they change color and I won’t wear them after that. I took a chance and didn’t even wear the necklace yet, and the gold already changed. It was bright yellow gold when I purchased it and now it’s a dull silver-gold. Oh well. You can’t win them all, right?
    My favorite things are the knuckle ring, which is surprisingly comfortable. It has a hinge, so both ends move slightly when you bend your finger for a more comfortable fit. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I got it.
    This is my other favorite purchase. Another item I’ve been wearing every day. I usually pair it with the arrowhead earrings. Really cute and edgy. I love that it’s a loose fit, so even if I’m wearing long sleeves, the spikes peek through.
    Yay, it’s already the weekend! Have any plans?

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