Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Rockstar Pink!

Rockstar Pink is a pretty cool glitter polish that consists of two different size glitters. I wouldn’t really consider it to be “chunky” glitter, but it’s a mix of small and extra fine glitters. There are magenta, red, blue and very fine gold (they almost look green – some say they are silver, but they look gold to me) glitter, with the majority being magenta. Wow, I’ve managed to say glitter 5 times in two sentences. Haha!

Anyway, many times glitter nail polishes disappoint because they never seem to look the same way on the nail as they do in the bottle. Although Rockstar Pink is fairly sheer, I find it to be more opaque than other glitters I’ve tried in the past. You pretty much get full coverage with three coats, but I decided on four. When sealed with a top coat, this polish is a real stunner.

I tried it over pink, black and solo. I think it looks pretty cool all three ways. A couple of pedicures ago, I did the pink version and I loved it. It looked very “barbie-esque”.

If you love glitter polish and don’t mind the extra hassle of removing it, this is a great buy for a couple of dollars at your local drugstore.

18 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Rockstar Pink!

  1. looks absolutely gorgeous! I love that you've shown the colour in three different ways, really illustrates it the best. I love the deep purple it makes when painted over black.Thank you 🙂

    xxx irinja (


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